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Season 12, Episode 6

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How Do You Like Them Apples?

The contestants begin! This maze is not nearly enough like the maze in The Shining. I think they should have added just one psychopath to the challenge, played by Jillian. The contestants decide to divide and conquer by spreading out to different parts of the maze. They fill their arms with the bounty, and, despite the dry ice, it doesn't seem all that difficult to find the way out and to the finish line. It is a bit of a chaotic scene, though. Antone refuses to go to the maze graveyard, despite how many apples there are and the fact that it's obviously fake. Now I understand why he cries so much. The contestants make several trips into the maze, and eventually Joe gets lost, as he predicted. With two minutes left, the contestants have reached 150 pounds and gained a 5-pound advantage. Sami reminds the contestants that they all have to figure out how to get out of the maze or risk a 5-pound disadvantage. With 15 seconds left, things are looking grim. But that's all editing. Everyone gets out in time, and they also win the 10-pound advantage. Thus, they'll now have to lose a collective 90 pounds.

Meanwhile, someone instigates a practical joke on Bob, which involves making him think that they ate the 10 pounds of candy. Vinny blames it on Joe, but I think Bonnie is the true genius behind it. They leave one piece of candy corn in the cauldron for effect. Bob gets furious as everyone tells him that they each ate one pound of candy. Then he's almost equally as furious as they tell him it's all a joke. He shall take it out in beatings. There's a triple-trainer structured workout in store, with the contestants starting in the gym with Bob, then heading to the tennis court with Anna, and Dolvett in the prison yard. Bob has everyone do a circuit workout, which looks very, very exhausting. Bonnie makes her crazy death noises, which Joe likens to the sounds of a medieval torture chamber. But Bonnie loves Bob! She says that he can get her to do anything with his personality, which I guess isn't as personally offensive as Anna's.

Speaking of Anna, it's time for the contestants to hit the tennis court with her. They're doing cardio tennis drills, in which they are supposed to move constantly. She reminds them that they don't actually have to worry about being good at tennis. The sun is getting to most of the contestants, which makes them ever more weary as they head to Dolvett.

Dolvett's workout circuit is named "Pure Energy." It, uh, requires that you use a lot of energy. So, intuitive naming. Dolvett also wants to know what you're thinking, apparently. Dolvett tells us that he's ready for the opportunity to touch people he hasn't touched yet. I am one of those people! Touch me! Dolvett's circuit involves crazy things and sledgehammers and tires and whatnot. Jennifer tells us that she was totally spent by the time she got to Dolvett, but Joe interprets things differently. Basically, he thinks that she's obsessed with Bob (true) and gives no effort to the other trainers. Joe thinks that that's disrespectful. If Dolvett notices, he doesn't mention it. He then tells the contestants to hug themselves, in case no one has hugged them today, and think about what and who motivates them. Jennifer's answer is totally Bob! Dolvett then leads a call and response chant that goes, "Hard work!" "Dedication!" Everyone participates... except for Jennifer. Vinny is sick of her stank attitude, and predicts bad things for her if they wind up in the elimination room.

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