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Season 12, Episode 6

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How Do You Like Them Apples?

The contestants get iced, and John notes to Vinny that his destiny is in someone else's hands unless he loses a lot of weight. Vinny points out that John always thinks people are out to get him, which is not the case. Except maybe for Sunny, who is actually not the dumb box of hair that John had previously accused her of being. In turn, John looks suspicious. But he claims that this week he's going to let all of his barriers down. He's going to be vulnerable, and it's going to be okay. John tells us that this weight and emotional health are absolutely connected, and seems moved by Bob's cliché that they love him warts and all. Whatever works!

In retribution for the candy trick, Bob takes Vinny, Joe and Sunny out to the hills, then forces the guys to push Sunny in a wheelbarrow. If you've never seen The Beverly Hillbillies, it was just like this except with more bubbling crude. Joe will never look at candy the same way again, which means that Bob's plan was a success. Bob sends Sunny and Joe off so he can have a talk with Vinny and get to know him a bit more. We learn that Vinny has six brothers and three sisters, and that his mom married a man who could provide for a family, but who was abusive to Vinny and his siblings. Vinny ate more food, thinking that he'd be bigger and not so easily hurt. At 11 years old, he was 230 pounds. Vinny eventually realized that if he could make people laugh, they would not be able to make fun of him because he had already made fun of himself. But he really just became "the funny fat guy." Bob tells Vinny that, from an early age, he's been focused on survival. That's where the weight comes from, and that's why Vinny always has to be "on" for everyone else. Underneath it all, however, Vinny still isn't happy. Until he acknowledges the hurt little boy inside of him, he's just on a weight-loss reality show. Bob tells Vinny that he doesn't have to be strong now -- he's in a safe place where people care about him unconditionally. Vinny seems happy not to have to be the big, fun, entertaining guy for once.

Meanwhile, lovebirds Ramon and Jessica have a romantic sunset picnic. With Subway sandwiches! No, just kidding. They actually feast on Extra Sugar-Free Gum. In ZipLoc bags!

After a break, the three trainers enter the kitchen looking like the Three Musketeers. Not the candy bar! It's last chance workout time. They emphasize the "all for one" theme, and also bring in a wheelbarrow of candy. Bob instructs everyone to put ten pounds of candy in a bucket and bring it to the gym. That can't be good. Indeed, in the gym they use the candy buckets as dumbbells and kettlebells and other devices of torture. Other than that, it's a typical last chance workout, with the screaming and whatnot. You've seen the show. The contestants have sadistic piggyback rides, including Antone riding on Jessica's back. That... doesn't seem safe. Antone is reluctant to do it, but Jessica manages to take him halfway across the gym floor. No mention of broken vertebrae.

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