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Season 12, Episode 6

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How Do You Like Them Apples?

Becky is next on the scale. She goes from 204 to 203, also for a loss of 1 pound. Did these people eschew the candy cauldron in favor of bacon? Vinny is next, and goes from 372 to 367, for a loss of 5 pounds. Not great considering his starting size. Vinny wonders if the full moon had something to do with it. Jessica is next, and goes from 213 to 209, for a loss of 4 pounds. She's happy with it, and Dolvett loves the attitude. That's what happens when you're all freshly sexed! Finally, there's Ramon. He goes from 304 to 302, for a loss of only 2 pounds. Ramon says that his mind is stronger every week, even if his body isn't, and he feels like he can do anything all day long. Anna says that Ramon is saying that he's focused, but she'd like to remind the two lovebirds that they have to be focused when they leave the gym as well. She euphemistically says, "It's what you do in the house. It's how much sleep you get." Ramon says he's more tightened up than ever, since normally he's just goofing off with the guys in his down time. Jessica is very pissed, and tells Anna that just because they've been outed as having a relationship, it doesn't mean that their numbers have anything to do with one another. Anna tries to relate by recounting how hard it was for her to play Wimbledon with her boyfriend in the stands. Relating fail. None of the other trainers back Anna up on this one, and Ramon thinks it was an inappropriate place to bring that shit up.

So, the contestants have lost 38 pounds total. That is WAY LESS than their goal of 90 pounds. John is the biggest loser of the week, and so has immunity. The contestants sit around and talk for a little while about how difficult it will be to vote someone out. Bonnie starts crying about how much she's learning and how old she is and how she's not ready to go home. Then Sunny starts crying about how she had negative numbers and is ready to prove herself to everyone next week. Ramon doesn't cry at first, saying that he was a fa├žade before he got to campus. But then he chokes up as he talks about how Jessica has gotten him more focused than ever, and he knows what he has to live for. He would like at least another week to get to bone Jessica. And then Jennifer starts crying about what a weirdo she is and how obsessed with Bob she is. She actually begs them not to send her home. Vinny then totally busts Jennifer for her lack of response in the "Hard work!" "Dedication!" chant. Jennifer claims that she chanted, and Vinny starts to storm out of the room. He then thinks better of it, turns around, and calls her a liar. He demands an apology, but she says that she did nothing wrong. Jennifer then asks if anyone else saw her say "Hard work!" "Dedication!" But they all hate her anyway, so no one comes to her defense.

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