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Season 12, Episode 6

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With that, it's time to eliminate someone. Vinny votes for Jennifer, no surprise, and calls her a head case. Jessica also votes for Jennifer. Ramon also votes for Jennifer, saying that he can't be around negativity anymore. Jennifer votes for Ramon, because if he ever gets his shit together he could become a threat. John also votes for Ramon. Joe then breaks Black Team ranks and votes for Jen, because he dislikes her, plain and simple. Antone also votes for Jennifer, with a clean conscience. He is just sick of her shit, and notes that she's become a major distraction for everyone there. Sunny votes for Jennifer as well, which means that she's out. She's actually relatively dignified about the whole thing, and says that there are parts of her that didn't mesh well with others, and that she should have been more open to the process of living in the house.

When Jennifer arrived on the ranch, she was broken and had given up on herself. The Jennifer leaving the ranch, however, is different. Exercise has become her new fuel and motivation. She's also proud to have been called an athlete in the gym by world's best trainer Bob Harper, and vows to make him proud. Jennifer says that every good thing that happens to her from now on, she owes to The Biggest Loser and Bob. The next time we see Jennifer, she'll be looking so good that we'll think she's in her 20s, which is also where her waistline will be! We catch up with Jennifer today. She was 330 pounds when she arrived, and now weighs 228 pounds. That's a loss of 102 pounds! Good for her. It was hard when Jennifer left the ranch, but she picked herself up and got it done. Where once she had a stress fracture from her first workout, Jennifer is now running 20 miles on the weekend. She's determined to win the marathon, finish out her weight loss, and then having some confetti fall on her head. Jennifer has a goal dress, which a dress store owner promised to her if she lost 100 pounds. Jennifer tires the dress on's still a little small, to be honest. But she's close! Jennifer plans to be down to a size 10 by the finale, and wear a wrap dress made out of Bob's skin.

Next week: New teams!

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