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Season 12, Episode 7

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A Change Will Do You Good

Sami sends the contestants to meet with their trainers. Anna cheerily greets Ramon, Joe and Sunny, but the chipper mood does not last for long. Ramon confronts her about being kind of a wanker for calling him and Jessica out at the weigh-in. Anna says that she knows what it's like to be 26 and "have feelings" -- it's a distraction. He asks why she couldn't have said something to them privately. She actually did talk to Jessica privately, but I guess felt the need to bring it up again. Anna doesn't apologize for it, and says that she hopes and prays that Ramon is focused. He is still totally not happy. Joe then whines about how well Bob knows him and his injuries and whatnot, and Anna asks why he doesn't just share those things with her. I mean, she's got a point.

Anna wins like 1,000 points with me by telling her new Blue Team that she doesn't get why they're so hung up and in such shock. That's steely Russian tough love, right there. She points out that it's not that big of a deal which trainer they have -- the contestants are the ones accomplishing things, and the trainers are just guiding them. Anna interviews that no one is going home with the contestants, and that they can't be so dependent on the trainers. She points out that where people were previously addicted to food, they're now addicted to Bob. Might as well face it! Anna tells Joe to be a man, stand up and get tough. And then she tells him not to be a crybaby! She is 100 percent right. Go, Anna! She is the unlikely voice of reason and a hero to all mankind. Anna Kournikova just won this show. Let's give her the cash prize and call it a day. Joe is offended at this affront to his manhood, and says they've gotten off on the wrong foot. Anna thinks that he is ridiculous, and is not looking forward to the week ahead.

We cut to Bob in the gym with his new Black Team. He's ready to get to know Vinny and Becky and figure out what their abilities are. No one is whining about switching to Bob, because they are in an awesome situation. We then catch up with the Red Team. John is also a crybaby who feels like he can't live without Bob. And then oh, shit -- the Red Team enters the gym and John gives Bob a huge bear hug and starts crying! I seriously LOL'ed at this. These people are such tools, I can't even take it. Buck up, for Christ's sake. Bob is a lot nicer than I am, though, and assures John that he's going to get through this, no matter what color his shirt is. The trainers are like social workers at this point. Dolvett is motivated by the challenge of winning John's trust, and is apparently more used to working with mentally compromised people than Anna is. Speaking of Anna, Joe assesses the Blue Team's situation as such: "We don't want to be here. She hates us. This is going to be great." Joe talks about being ready to prove people in the house wrong, like he, Ramon and Sunny are such freaking underdogs. Get on the rowing machine and stifle!

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