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Season 12, Episode 7

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A Change Will Do You Good

After a break, we see everyone training in the gym. Dolvett is excited about his new team, and is figuring out how to work with the different age groups. He's hoping for good numbers. Jessica, meanwhile, is having a hard time seeing Ramon and Vinny on opposing teams. Luckily, Dolvett is keeping her busy with throwing around, like, pipes or something. Ramon tells us that, even though he thinks his situation kind of sucks, he has a job to do and is going to do his best. Anna says that her team doesn't trust her yet, so her goal is to gain that trust and also show them that she's serious. Joe tries to convince us that he's giving Anna a chance, but I'm not sure. He still looks at Bob longingly every chance he gets. Antone, meanwhile, still has Bob, but is freaked out that the rest of his team has been split up. Bob tries to get him to focus by telling him that today is about working out. Despite the fact that he's nicer about it, I think Bob is secretly kind of on Anna's team with this one.

Dolvett, meanwhile, gives John some targeted attention. He wants to do what he has to do to win John's trust, and figures that if he challenges John's body enough that his emotions will come to the surface. Do we really need for John to cry MORE? Despite Bonnie's ailments and limitations, Dolvett is happy to have her on the Red Team. He doesn't give a crap that Bonnie is 63, and will rely on her chutzpah to help her work out like she's 25. Dolvett does not believe in AARP discounts in the gym. He believes that Bonnie can lose big numbers. For her part, Bonnie starts to get teary while she's on the treadmill, and then starts crying for real. Anna coveted that Bonnie emotional breakthrough for six weeks, and Dolvett made it happen in 20 minutes.

Bonnie talks about her husband and how much she misses him. She wants to get healthy and live as long as she can for her kids and grandkids, which is why she's on the show. Dolvett asks Bonnie what she thinks about someone loving her again. Bonnie says she hadn't thought at all about that in the four years since her husband died, but is finally starting to consider it. Being on the ranch has given Bonnie a new chapter in her life. Dolvett asks if Bonnie's late husband would be okay with her finding love again, and she says that she thinks he would be. Then Dolvett tells Bonnie that he'd like her to write her late husband a letter. Bonnie looks so shocked that I think she momentarily believes that Dolvett can access a postal service with overnight delivery to the afterlife. She says that writing the letter might be the first step in helping her to move on, and then gives Dolvett the most giant hug. She is SO happy to be with him.

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