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Season 12, Episode 7

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A Change Will Do You Good

Ramon may still not love Anna, but he does acknowledge that she's kicking his ass in the gym. She's aiming her team to get mentally tough and together and overcome their trust issues/crybaby tendencies. Anna says that her team has the potential to be the strongest so far, and then they do a Russian cheer. Meanwhile, Dolvett tries to sell us some Jennie-O turkey on top of a salad. With a Jennie-O turkey burger on the side! Healthy.

After this product placement, Anna has a little peacemaking session with her team. Joe says that after the workout, they all realized that she's all right and knows her way around the gym. Anna stresses the importance of communication and making the best of what you have in life. She then talks about growing up in Soviet Russia, where you had to fight for things to survive and work with what you had. In Soviet Russia, you had to stand in line for six hours to get a bag of sugar! Maybe that's why she's so skinny. She tells the Blue Team that crazy difficulties are going to happen, especially on a cockamamie show like this one, but it's how you handle the situation that means something. Joe has come around to enjoying Anna's emphasis on the contestants being responsible for the work they do, and says that they had all gotten so dependent on their other trainers that they didn't really take credit for their success. He is excited to be on Anna's team, and says that the Blue Team is one to be reckoned with even though others might see them as underdogs. Anna interviews that she's never really shared with anyone the tales of her humble beginnings and the obstacles she's overcome, but she thought it would be helpful for her team to realize that they can achieve anything, while also not being crybabies!

With that, it's time for hour two and a challenge involving very long Slip 'n Slides. Yes, believe it. Vinny says, "I'm just pumped up because I know that all this slides well." How does he know that, I wonder? There is a lot of butter in the south. Sami tells the contestants that to win, the teams will have to scramble...and unscramble. Each team as a slide, at the bottom of which are twelve triangular blocks. Their job is to slide down, grab a block and race back to their starting position. They must then unscramble the blocks to reveal three prizes -- we get a preview and see that the prizes are $6,000 dollars, a three-pound advantage, and immunity for one. The teams must choose the prize that they want and raise it in the air. Everyone must go on the Slip 'n Slide at least once, and only one person can go as a time.

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