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Season 12, Episode 7

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A Change Will Do You Good

The challenge begins! And, wow. The jiggling is very impressive. Vinny and Ramon are some sort of physics geniuses who really know how to utilize the Slip 'n Slide. Vinny recommends staying in the path of the water, which seems to work fairly well. People seem to be having fun, though Sunny's cautious nature results in a slow trip down the slide. Poor Bonnie has to go at least once, and waits until Jessica and John have taken a few turns each. She goes very slowly at first, but then catches a current and really starts to move. Once she gets to the end of the slide, however, she starts crying. But she's not actually hurt -- she's just emotional because she's totally old and still doing all this shit and it feels good. I mean great, take a moment, but not now! You're in the middle of a challenge, lady!

The contestants start to piece together their prize puzzles, with some misunderstandings. For example, the Blue Team thinks the immunity prize reads "For 1 Immunity" and that the entire team will have immunity. Oh, friends. They get all of their blocks first, but Sami is forced to tell them that their answer is incorrect. The Red Team is close behind and so their hope is revived just a little. But alas, by mere seconds the Blue Team wins immunity for one. But how will they figure out who? This prize seems like more trouble than it's worth. The stupid Blue Team members have not thought of this until Sami tells them that they get five minutes to figure out the immune person. That person's weight will count, but they can't be eliminated. Right now, the Blue Team is all totally sad that they won the challenge. As both Ramon and Joe say that they're not sure how to figure this out fairly, Sunny says in a small little voice, "Can I have it?" Ramon and Joe are like, "What did this bitch just say?" Nice try, though. In the end, they go with the tried and true decision-making tactic of rock, paper, scissors. Joe wins and has immunity, though he says it doesn't necessarily feel great. He plans to forget about it and bust his butt in the gym so his team stays safe.

Last chance workout! Anna has her team head to the scenic locale of Baldwin Hills, and is thrilled to hear about their challenge victory. Dolvett's team heads to his spiritual homeland, Muscle Beach, and Bob plays camp counselor from hell in Malibu. The contestants hike and run up stairs and lift giant pipes and sweat a lot. Bonnie reminds us how she and Dolvett are soul mates, and Joe wants the Blue Team to win for their own reputation and Anna's. Bob's team takes a hike that ends at a magical waterfall. Not literally magical, but, like, beautiful and stuff. There's inspirational music and flashbacks to pizza eating and hugs and whatnot. Does it make you want to put that Reese's Peanut Butter Cup down? No? Me, neither.

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