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Season 12, Episode 7

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A Change Will Do You Good

With that, it's time for the weigh-in. Sami tells the contestants that the team with the lowest percentage of weight loss faces elimination, and it will be the players on the other two teams who decide who goes home. With so few players, that makes total sense. The person on the losing team with the highest percentage of weight lost can't be voted off. The Red Team weighs in first, with Bonnie breaking in the scale. She goes from 228 to 221 for a loss of 7 pounds! Aw, good for her. She actually looks totally radiant, too. Jessica is next, and goes from 209 pounds to 201, for a loss of 8 pounds. Also a great number! Finally, John goes from 344 pounds to 329, for a loss of 15! Dolvett worked the shit out of those people! So much so that John has a little silent dance party on the scale. It is frightening and awesome at once. The Red Team has lost 30 pounds total, or 3.84%.

Black Team is next to weigh in, and needs to have lost more than 36 pounds. Vinny is first on the scale, and goes from 367 to 355 for a loss of 12 pounds. That's the highest number he's gotten since the first week, and he's ecstatic. So much so that he does the worm. What is HAPPENING at this weigh-in? Sami is duly impressed, and Vinny proclaims it the best worm that he's ever done. How amazing is it that he has a comparative scale? Becky is next, and goes from 203 to 192 pounds, for a loss of 11 pounds. This is also a great number for her, and she is thrilled to have made it to "One-derland." Antone is last to weigh in for the revamped Black Team, and has to lose more than 13 pounds. He goes from 369 to 353, for a loss of 16 pounds! Things are looking pretty great for the Black Team yet again. They have lost 39 pounds or 4.15%.

Will Anna's new Blue Team be able to prevail? It doesn't seem particularly likely, but it's not impossible. Sami tells them that they need to have lost more than 31 pounds total. Sunny is first on the scale, and goes from 227 to 218 for a loss of 9 pounds. That's a great number for her, and she's psyched. She does a happy dance, too. I think everyone is on drugs this week, or delirious from hunger. Sunny commends herself for the triumph of the spirit of not gaining five pounds this week. Next is Ramon, who goes from 302 to 286, for a loss of 16 pounds! He does a crazy dance with Chippendale implications, and the Blue Team preemptively celebrates. One nice thing about this weigh-in is that everyone seems to be genuinely happy for everyone else. Ramon gives Anna a giant bear hug and lifts her in the air, which I'm sure does not go unnoticed by his lady friend. Finally, Joe weighs in. He needs to have lost more than 6 pounds for the Blue Team to be safe. Wouldn't it be interesting if some shenanigans happened right now? But alas, Joe goes from 286 pounds to 271, for a loss of 15 pounds! The Blue Team did it. They lost 40 pounds, or 4.91%. This means they won the weigh-in!

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