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Season 12, Episode 7

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A Change Will Do You Good

Sadly, this also means that another one of Dolvett's people bites the dust. John is the biggest loser for the team, so can't be voted out. Ramon is concerned that the love of his life, Bonnie, will be eliminated. Just kidding! He could care less if the old bat went home -- he wants his smooching partner to stick around for longer. At the elimination ceremony, Ramon explains to Bonnie that he can't vote for the woman he's going to spend the rest of his life with. Hold up, Kris Humphries! You've only known the chick for six weeks! If Jessica finds this stalker-esque, she doesn't let on. Becky owes one to Bonnie, so votes to oust Jessica. Vinny is next, and despite the fact that Bonnie reminds him of his chocolate-gravy-genius grandma, he votes to eliminate her. Antone could give a rat about either one of these ladies, but likes how Bonnie is totally in love with Dolvett. He votes for Jessica. Sunny is next, and votes for Jess to go home. Ramon is pissed, as he thought that his teammates had his back. They didn't, as evidenced by the fact that Joe votes for Jess as well. With that, she's eliminated. Bonnie cries a whole bunch, and then Ramon proclaims Jess the best thing that ever happened to him. Jess handles the whole thing with grace, saying that she has no hard feelings and will see everyone in a few weeks.

Jessica tells us that it will be hard to go home, where she gained all her weight in the first place, especially while not having Ramon by her side. She has to fend for herself, and is scared. We catch up with Jessica today. When she first got to campus, she weighed 254 pounds, and today she weighs 185. She looks great, and has gone from a size 22 to a size 10. And I'm sorry, but where do these people shop that you can fit into a size 10 at 185 pounds? Oh, Pittsburgh, I guess. I'll have to hit up more malls when I head home for Thanksgiving. Anyway, I have apparently forgotten that Jessica is from the 'Burgh, and when she finds herself in need of extra support she goes to the toughest guys she knows -- the Pittsburgh Steelers! Woo! She works out with cornerback Ike Taylor and linebacker Larry Foote, and goes through their off-day running drills. It's super cute, and the Steelers are awesome! Suck it, Patriots! Jessica gets an honorary helmet and football for her efforts, and is determined to win the marathon and a spot as a finalist.

Next week: Ramon is super-pissed at his teammates, and only one person's weight will count for their team!

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