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Season 12, Episode 8

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With that, it's workout time in the gym. Bob is feeling the pressure of making the right decision about who will weigh in for the Black Team. He tells us that Vinny is a dark horse, and also unpredictable. He's a huge dude, so should be losing a lot more weight than he has been. Antone had big numbers last week, while Becky tends to go up and down. Really, I think Bob can't go wrong. Anna is facing the same dilemma, and tells us that Sunny's huge loss last week probably means that she'll have smaller numbers this week. Ramon, of course, is facing emotional trauma due to Jessica's ouster. Joe has had big numbers the past few weeks so might be in the same position as Sunny, but at the same time he's the most confident and consistent on her team. Dolvett says that he's in an interesting position, because he has John, who has been the most consistently strong player with big numbers but may be due for a plateau week. Then there's Bonnie, who is the oldest person in the house with the lowest numbers. Dolvett thinks that Bonnie is due to turn the corner. I enjoy Bonnie generally, but I don't know that I'd put all my jelly beans in her bowl when my job was at stake.

After a break, Bob harasses his team members about whether each of them would like to be the one who counts on the scale. Antone is particularly confident about saying that he'd take on the challenge. Anna, meanwhile, notices that something is off about Sunny. I mean, extra-off. Sunny says that she's simply exhausted. I have to say that if I were working out ten hours a day for eight weeks solid, I'd probably be pretty tired too. Anna tells Sunny to stay strong, and Sunny starts to cry. Anna was hoping that she'd get to have a normal happy team for once, but it was not to be. She tells Sunny that it's okay to have a bad day, and not to beat herself up about it. Meanwhile, Dolvett approaches Bonnie and tells her to think about the fact that she's never done better than seven pounds. That means, he says, that Bonnie has the ability to put in more work. If she's comfortable, he's uncomfortable. Because Bonnie loves Dolvett in inverse proportion to how much she hated Anna, she says that she'll pull more than seven. Dolvett acts like he is TOTALLY going to put Bonnie on the scale. Oh my God, I'm so nervous. He wants Bonnie to prove to herself and others that she deserves to be there. As Bonnie herself says, "I'm not dead yet."

Bob, meanwhile, decides to go Phillian on Becky and asks her why she's always been heavy. She says that she was always looking for acceptance from her dad, and when she didn't get it, she'd eat. Her dad sounds like a royal asshole, who, when Bonnie lost five pounds, would say, "Turn around, I found it." Bob wants to learn more about Becky, and takes her outside where they explore the fact that she turned to food to suppress difficult feelings. Bob wants Becky to shine a light on the little girl who just wanted to be loved by her father, and to think about what she'd say to that little girl. Becky would tell her younger self that she was a beautiful, smart little girl who had an enormous amount of potential and could do anything she wanted to do. She admits to us that she has low self-esteem, and gets emotional when she tries to give her inner child the acceptance that she always craved. Bob wants to help grown Becky as she helps inner child Becky, and is certain that she can win this battle. Bob really is the best faux-psychotherapist left on the show.

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