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Season 12, Episode 8

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After a break, it's challenge time. The trainers get to partake in this one, which is a rarity. Sami explains that the contestants will whip up a dish using a bunch of available ingredients. And there are celebrity judges! The first is last season's biggest loser, Olivia. She tells the contestants that this is about changing their lives forever, and it's important to get your routines set once you're at home. Bob is impressed at how fab Olivia looks, and she says, "Body by Bob." I'm surprised he doesn't have a whole line of videos with that title. The other judge is author of every single Biggest Loser cookbook, Devin Alexander. The latest cookbook has a quick and easy focus, which is perhaps why the contestants are only going to get 30 minutes to prepare and cook a meal for the judges. The team with the best dish gets a Q&A session with Olivia, and their recipe published in The Biggest Loser Quick and Easy Cookbook. The winning team will also get a one-pound advantage for their person who weighs in for credit.

The teams get five minutes to decide what they're making, and the trainers do a lot of consulting. And then they're off! The contestants pick their ingredients, and we learn that both John and Antone have experience in the food industry. The Black Team is making pork tenderloin and coleslaw, the Blue Team is making no-mess Tex Mex lettuce fajitas with chicken, and the Red Team is making London broil with sweet potato and asparagus tips. Dolvett took a leadership role in setting his team's menu, because he's a bit of a control freak like that. As if Dolvett isn't already your fantasy boyfriend, he tells us that he's been cooking since he was five and learned everything he knows from his mom. SWOON! I bet he gives excellent backrubs, too. With minutes to go, however, the Red Team is having some problems with their London broil. They took it off the grill a little early, and that shit is kinda bloody. Rename it tartare, and I think they're in business.

Sami presents the completed dishes and corresponding nutrition facts to the judges as the contestants watch on a monitor. They start with the "London Bridge," which is the meal from the Red Team. Dolvett explains that it bridges the gap between bad and good eating. So, Dolvett is not good at puns. We found his weakness. Still: I'll take him. Olivia notes that the meat is very rare, and Devin agrees. Devin argues that it's seasoned, and Olivia adds that it's moving. The sweet potatoes get big kudos, though. The Blue Team's No-Mess Tex Mex Chicken Fajitas are next. They are wrapped in the biggest lettuce leaves you've ever seen, but apparently are pretty tasty. Devin likes the fact that it's a big plate of food but still low-cal. Finally, there's the Black Team's Slimmer Summer Slaw with Pork Medallions. It does look pretty good. The pork is cooked well, and the slaw is good, though Devin finds it curious that cranberry chutney is paired with an Asian slaw. Their meal has by far the lowest calories. Sami and the judges gather everyone back together, and reveal that the Black Team wins! They get the sit down with Olivia, their recipe featured in the cookbook, and the one-pound advantage. Bob is obviously thrilled.

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