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Season 12, Episode 8

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Back in the gym, Anna wants to have a conversation with Ramon and see where his head's at with the whole Jessica situation. He tells her that he was all broken up, and even questioned whether he wanted to be there. But that passed, and he's recommitted to finishing. Still, he's pissed that Jess was voted out because she's a threat. He understands that it's a competition, but believes that to be the best, you have to beat the best. Anna hopes that he's not holding a grudge against his Blue Teammates. He claims that he isn't, because he's focused on his own goal of getting in shape. Though I think he's not being entirely truthful about that, it's good enough for Anna.

After a break, Ramon and Vinny eat Subway sandwiches and talk about their status as the last of the young 'uns. They think that the former Black Team -- the middles who were originally with Bob -- are a block. Their current team colors are relatively meaningless, in their opinions. This whole thing was really just an excuse to have long, lingering shots of the Subway turkey special on whole wheat. I think that's a mistake, because even though Subway can be delicious it's not a particularly visually appealing foodstuff. The pleasure center in my brain is like, "Meh."

Last chance workout! Who will be picked to weigh-in from each team? If this show were an hour or 90 minutes long, we'd already know. Just saying! Anyway, working out, the trainers stress about making the right decision, OMG what it's so crazy, etc. Dolvett does not want to have a one-member team, and his team's calmness is annoying him. When Dolvett is freaking out, he wants others to follow suit. Bonnie obliges by continuing to make the craziest faces in history.

Finally, it's weigh-in time. Sami asks each trainer to designate the person whose weight loss will count for their entire team. Bob has chosen Becky, Anna has chosen Joe, and, despite all his tough talk, Dolvett has chosen John. Bonnie is quite relieved, and notes that it's the smart choice. Speaking of Bonnie, she's first on the scale. She goes from 221 to 213, for a loss of 8 pounds! It's her biggest loss so far, and Dolvett is second guessing his already second-guessed choice. Her total percentage of weight lost is 3.62%. John is next on the scale, and goes from 329 pounds to 319, for a loss of 10 pounds. He's unhappy, and says that he completely let his team down. Dolvett assures John that he's accomplished something great with his 3.04% loss.

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