Biggest Loser
Season 12, Episode 8

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Average Joe

We catch up with Joe today. He started on the ranch at 348 pounds, and now weighs 230 pounds. AND AHHHHH! Joe and his family are at Dollywood! The best place on earth. Joe was formerly too large to ride the roller coaster known as Thunderhead. But now he can fit! Dollywood brings joy to all, especially if you are skinny. Joe's daughter, Autumn, is thrilled that he can ride with her. His wife, Danene, is also happy to see him participate in more things. Before, he couldn't even tie his shoes! And now he has a decent chance of being able to fit on the Mystery Mine. After not fitting on the Thunderhead for four years, Joe took his daughter up four times that day. Victory!

Next week: Singles! Eventually: Makeovers! Then the finale!

Potes now has a vicious hankering to go back to Dollywood. Tweet @traciepotes or email if you've been to Pigeon Forge! Or if you haven't.

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