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Season 12, Episode 9

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It's finally time for the weigh in. Ali reveals the pentathlon results, Antone wins and gets immunity. Bob seems pleasantly surprised. Sunny, who came in second, is probably regretting her strategy to rank people according to alphabetical order. Bonnie is way down at the bottom and gets an extra pound. Antone is up first, he easily crosses the 100 pound loss mark by going from 348 to 339, for a total of 9 lbs.

Bonnie hops on the scale and sheds 5 lbs. (and then squeals in the most grating way), but after taking away one, her percentage is 1.88%. John goes from 319 to 310, for 9 lbs. and 2.82%. Vinny goes from 345 to 335. That's 10 lbs and 2.9%. I think he's quietly becoming the frontrunner of the season. Sunny says the pentathlon took up all her time, and she didn't work out as much as she wanted. Lame. No one else had that excuse. She still loses 9 lbs. and 4.17%, so it doesn't really matter. Of course she's all cocky about it. Do you think they can give her a personality revamp if she sticks around until makeover week?

Becky is up next. She goes from 186 to 182, which is 4 lbs. Everyone seems shocked. She tells everyone that it isn't a bad number, unless you are on this ridiculous show. Way to keep it in perspective. Becky's lost 2.15% and has pushed Bonnie below the yellow line. Ramon is the last person up. He needs to have lost more than six pounds to push Becky below the yellow line. He goes from 280 to 273, for a seven pound loss. He's totally safe, but now Becky and Bonnie are left to battle it out to stay on campus.

Becky says it is a no-win situation, because Bonnie is her best friend, and now one of them is going home. Once they all gather back at their house Bonnie, whom I've strongly disliked all season, does the honorable thing and throws herself on the sword and volunteers to go home. She reiterates that she'd like a teacher (so Becky, John or Sunny) to win, because she admires that career. So, by telling Becky that she has to win, she says her farewells. There are a lot of tears (John is particularly emotional) and Becky gives a very teary and grateful interview. That was actually fairly decent, and at home she looks pretty awesome. She's lost a bunch more weight and feels 20 years younger. She shows people at home how to use The Biggest Loser club. She does a nice walk for her grandson with Down syndrome, and hopes to lose more weight by the end. I just wish we'd seen this less whiny Bonnie throughout the season, since everyone on the show seems to love her, and my mother and I do nothing but complain about her on a weekly basis. Guess my mom and I will have to find something else to bond over next week. Perhaps we can vent about Sunny being obnoxious? Either way, Potes will be back next week to drool over Dolvett.

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