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Sami asks Bob what he thinks about the different age groups, and Bob says that the older you get, the harder you have to work to achieve the same results. But you can't use that as an excuse. Everybody has issues, so deal with it and get on the treadmill, chubby. Sami turns to Dolvett and says he's accused of being Jekyll and Hyde, since he woos the ladies in his natural state but then is a beast in the gym. And in the bedroom, one would hope. I'm sorry, I don't know why I so enjoy sexually harassing Dolvett via the Internets. Dolvett says that it matters to him to find the inner demon and inner beast so that contestants can do the same. Because the contestants haven't typically been pushed, his job is to push them.

We then catch up with last year's winner, Olivia. She emerges looking fly, except for her odd bondage dress and Gosselin-esque spiky hair. It's all very mysterious. Olivia says that she thought her life would be a piece of low-cal cake after the show, but in fact maintenance is tough. But she's learned that it's all about keeping the lifestyle she learned on the show. Olivia goes to the gym every day, and makes good food choices. Bob agrees that losing weight is easier than maintenance, which is a struggle for everybody. When Olivia first got back to her apartment after the finale last year, she wondered what to do. So she called Bob, and he told her to go to the gym. That's SO Bob.

Olivia and Hannah wanted to work together after the show, and have toured all over doing motivational speeches and paying it forward and whatever else these folks do. We get a little montage of a day in the life of the two sisters, which starts with them comparing schedules. It's a fascinating life, even at early hours. Then Olivia tries to pack Hannah in a suitcase, and tells us how they've been in magazines, to meet and greets, at health fairs, and more. They do a taping with Dr. Drew, which is enough to send anyone straight to a bowl of M&Ms. Anyway, Olivia is transformed outside and in, wants to share what she's learned, and wants to have it all. The Biggest Loser taught her that it was possible. Sami asks Olivia what it felt like during day one on the ranch. She was terrified that the trainers would kill her with the workouts, which they did, but says that she didn't expect all of the mental and emotional work that she had to do. But Olivia did what was necessary to make changes.

We then get clips from the first few weeks of the season. There were lots of people crying. If you want more detail, read the recaps! Sami asks Bob how he knows what the right moment is to move from being a drill sergeant to making an emotional connection and Phillianizing everyone until they break. Bob says it was why he was put on this earth. So, basically, if you're worried that Bob is going to leave the show ever, do not be concerned.

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