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We return to the studio, where Bob is blushing. He of course has been around since the first season, and Bob says he knew immediately that they were making something special. At first he thought the contestants on the show had the golden ticket, but now people come up to him all the time and say that Biggest Loser has been there for them when they need it. Bob is very happy to be a part of it all, and to have such an awesome job. It's worth all the exhaustion. Sami reminds everyone that childhood obesity is an epidemic, and Bob says that parents have to take responsibility for what their kids are eating. They can no longer sit back. The kids are not all right, people. Maybe they should take Aida up on her next tip of having whipped white beans, cauliflower and leeks instead of mashed potatoes. Can you still douse it with butter and gravy? Because then I might be in.

We get a little spot with Sione from season 7, who was super hunky in his finale. He is now the newest trainer at the Biggest Loser resort in southern Utah. And he can still do pushups with a grown man on his back! We then return to the studio, where all the trainers are back. Sami reminds everyone that the reconstituted Blue Team actually did a good job one time, and asks Anna about earning their trust. Anna says that she expected a crazy reaction when the teams were switched, and wanted to convince everybody that they were actually accomplishing things independently of the trainers. While trainers can say what they want, the contestants are achieving it, and having a different trainer is not the end of the world. Remember how awesome Anna was when she was basically like, "Don't be such a puss, everyone."

The next guest has won more challenges than anyone. It's Tara, who I am also sick of seeing. I mean, she's great and all, but she's always sort of hanging about. Tara has clearly been doing a bunch of motivational speaking, and gives a canned speech about how she feels like an ordinary person in extraordinary positions. It turns out that she competed in an iron man triathlon which is, like, hard. We see a montage of Tara's iron man race, and learn that you have to complete the whole thing in under 17 hours. What a long day! When you could be eating stuffing and watching TV! The iron man involves swimming 2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and running a marathon. Tara is remarkably chipper throughout the whole thing. I learned online that she finished in a few minutes under 14 hours, which sounds pretty impressive to me. Everyone gives her a standing ovation, and she cries. She says that she unlocked something inside of herself, and no obstacle is too big or too small. It must be great to be a former Biggest Loser contestant, always having emotional breakthroughs and inspirational experiences and paying it forward.

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