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Season 13, Episode 1

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Oh! And then it's already time for the last chance workout. Ben is no longer disoriented, and totally remembers Bob's name. Things are looking up! Kim, however, is having some knee troubles. Dolvett puts her on a rowing machine, and we learn that Kim is a former professional wrestler. Get out! We see photos of Kim in her pro wrestling days, and she was super lean and muscular. She says that she was in a match on live TV, and a stunt went wrong. We see Kim drop, and she tells us that her back and tailbone broke on the spot. She got up and finished the match, which even Dolvett thinks is INSANE. Even crazier is that she WON THE MATCH. Then she walked back to the locker room and collapsed. Dolvett asks where she found that resilience. I would guess from 'roid rage. Kim says that she doesn't like to lose, and Dolvett announces that he's going to love training with her. Do you think Kim was one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (G.L.O.W.)? That was my favorite show when I was little, other than Knots Landing. and The Partridge Family. Is this what people mean when they talk about "diverse influences?"

Bob screams a lot at his people, and in turn they also scream. They're working well as a team, and also killing it. Dolvett looks at his team in comparison, and is not impressed by their level of effort. He notes that his team comprises a Golden Girl and Santa Claus, and everyone on his team has to go to the bathroom all the time. He says that they're like an incontinent Bad News Bears, and they haven't even made it through the first weigh-in. Dolvett is all set with baking cookies and knitting sweaters, and would prefer that Bob not beat him all the time, like last season. He talks to his team about the need for a sense of urgency. Everyone nods, with very little enthusiasm. However, Dolvett says that his pep talk brought out a fire in his team. We'll see, I guess.

With that, it's weigh-in time. The Black Team is up first, and Gail kicks things off. She goes from 322 pounds to 313, for a loss of 9 pounds. Chism is next, and goes from 361 to 349 for a loss of 12 pounds. Megan goes from 259 pounds to 252, for a loss of 7 pounds. Chris goes from 240 to 232, for a loss of 8 pounds. Bob is not pleased with the numbers so far, and is getting a little nervous. Jeremy goes from 389 to 376, for a loss of 13 pounds. Bob is frustrated, and so is Jeremy. Joe is next, and goes from 357 to 342, for a loss of 15 pounds. Then there's Ben, who goes from 396 to 351, for a loss of 15 pounds. At least he knows what state he's in! Emily goes from 264 to 254, for a loss of 10 pounds. Finally, Cassandra goes from 239 to 225, for a loss of 14 pounds. She is thrilled. The Black Team has lost a total of 103 pounds, or 3.64%.

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