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Oh jeez, and then more Iowa sad times are upon us. The words "white evangelicals" flash upon the screen, and again I want to end it all. Rick Santorum! Come, Armageddon, come! It does not bode well for 2012 that I am saying these words on January 3, does it?

With that, it's voting time. Gail votes for Ben, per his request, as does everyone. Megan says that Ben saved her life, by saving her spot on campus. Ben tells us that he won't regret this decision at all. He has nine kids at home and one on the way, and says he'd like to work out with his wife and family using the knowledge he's gained from Bob. Ben adds that he's grateful for the opportunity to be on the show, even though he chose to leave after one week. Though there will be struggles in the real world, he plans to face them head on and finally take care of himself. The next time we see Ben, he's going to have proven that he can lose weight at home with his family.

And then we see Ben at home. He started at 396 pounds, and now weighs 346 pounds. That's a 50-pound loss, which I guess is okay at this point? It's hard to know how much time has really passed. Ben is making it happen, and he says he's taken the "no excuses" mantra to heart. He adds that it's way better to be home and be a dad to his kids. Ben tears up as he says that prior to going to the ranch he'd sit on the couch all day, and would have never run around or played sports with his kids. Now he enjoys it, and says he won't let excuses dictate his health, well-being, and life with his wife and children. He was given a gift on The Biggest Loser, and isn't going to waste it. Ben wants to prove his dedication by losing 150 pounds by the finale despite being sent home on week one. He seems like a really nice guy, I hope he can do it!

Next week: Poker! The teams bet on their weight loss, much to the chagrin of the trainers. And the rivalry between Bob and Dolvett heats up! If this for some reason leads to an increased percentage of Dolvett shirtless times, I'm all for it.

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