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Season 13, Episode 10

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Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

The Red Team greets Bob and lets him know that he has them for the week, and Bob gets his standard nice-but-secretly-evil-guy smile. Mark says that he's excited but nervous about the switch, and Bob tells them that he's purely excited. He has the Red Team work out on The Biggest Loser playground, to the soundtrack of lots of groans and grunts. The Black Team then creeps up, and Bob heads over to comfort them. Emily in particular is sobbing. Jeremy thinks that they should get over it, and in fact is correct. Emily says, "It's a weird feeling to see him having them do the exercises we do." I don't know, some people are into that.

Conda is excited to work out with her original trainer, Dolvett, again. She and the other Black Team members meet him in the gym and tell him what's up, and he's also pleased about this new development. The majority of his team, however, is not so stoked. He notes that they're acting like the world's about to end, and have a distinct inability to raise their hands when asked if they're excited. Chris admits that the folks on the Black Team are scared out of their minds. But they get to be so close to Dolvett's amazing abs! I feel like they must have some sort of miracle healing properties, like the vortexes in Sedona. You just stand directly facing him and feel a tingling vibration throughout your body, and then your psoriasis is cleared up or whatever. Dolvett does indeed try to whoop some Black Team ass. He says that he is at a disadvantage training a team full of women, since women on average lose less weight on a daily basis than men do. Plus, they all get their periods at the same time and then get really upset when they cry on the treadmill and their mascara runs. Sigh, the fairer sex. Dolvett says that it isn't going to be an easy process, and that some trust-building must take place. As I'm sure will surprise you, Chris is very change averse and also doesn't like it when Dolvett yells at her. Dolvett thinks that the Black Team ladies need to get it together.

Back out on the playground, Bob is determined to put the Red Team through something they haven't experienced yet. It will be fun for Bob, and distinctly not fun for the Red Team. Buddy believes that Bob is a sadist, which may be correct. Kim worked out once with Bob at the beginning of the season, and is pleased that she now might be able to keep up with him. Cassandra, meanwhile, is "cranky." By that, she means whiny. She wants Bob. Jeremy is still totally cool, but for all the Burpees Bob is making the Red Team do. Back in the gym, Dolvett yells at the ladies that they are "ath-a-letes," and Emily starts crying on the treadmill. She feels weak, and is afraid of getting hurt. Dolvett encourages Emily to tell her mind to get out of her body's way. He asks her to try having some blind faith. Emily cries that she will try. Doesn't watching this show always make you feel like personal trainers should be required to get a concurrent master's degree in psychology? Dolvett then challenges Emily to run really fast for 30 seconds while the others rest. Emily sets the treadmill and starts to cry. Dolvett tells her not to be afraid. Wouldn't it be awesome if she just went flying across the room? But she doesn't -- she runs just fine. Triumph of the spirit, etc.

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