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Season 13, Episode 10

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Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

Bob, meanwhile, has a one-on-one with Buddy. It was at last week's weigh-in when Bob first learned about Buddy's daughter who passed away. He asks Buddy to talk about what happened. A little over six years ago, Buddy's wife went in for a 20-week ultrasound, and at that time they learned that there was something wrong with their daughter's heart and stomach, and she was missing some critical internal organs. She also had spina bifida. Some of the doctors guided Buddy and his wife toward terminating the pregnancy, but Buddy felt that doing that would be like killing his daughter. She was born, and had to have multiple brain surgeries in her first six months. At the time, Buddy was working full-time and going to school, and it was very difficult. She didn't survive one of the surgeries, and Buddy didn't have the money to pay for his daughter's funeral. He says that he felt like a failure. There was a lot of stress and a lot of guilt during the whole time, and Buddy turned to food. Bob finds Buddy's stories gut-wrenching, and notes that having to live with all the pain devastated Buddy's body. Now, however, he's getting some light back. Bob points out that Buddy now has a newborn, and is also being reborn himself. He took it just a little too far there, right?

After a break, Dolvett steps out of his comfort zone and takes the ladies of the Black Team to a ballet studio. Studio owner Annie asks who has danced before. No one, basically. Annie says that ballet is fitness-based, so will be a good workout. Cassandra is super excited about everything, and especially her ballerina outfit. Most of the Black Team ladies feel good about how they look in their gear, but Chris is a major exception. Oh my God, just be happy about something for once, lady. And then Dolvett comes out wearing ballet tights! Everyone laughs, but the truth is that he looks insanely hot, per usual. I love a man in a leotard. Emily gets really horny about it all, as is appropriate. Ballet moves happen as Chris does her best to have one minute of fun amongst the whole experience. The others confirm that ballet is, in fact, hard. In the end, everyone has a triumph of the spirit moment, more or less, and they all love Dolvett. How could you not when you see that ass in spandex?

With that, it's challenge time. The contestants hike to a big mud-field, where Sami awaits. She explains that in the mud pit are weights of different sizes -- some are in fact quite heavy. In this relay-style race, one team member at a time will dig in the mud for weights. The first team to bring back a total of 40 weights wins the challenge. Emily, as is her custom in this episode, says the words "comfort zone." She really buys in to everything this show sells whole-hog. I bet she asked for Subway gift cards for Christmas. Sami explains that the winning team will get a two-pound advantage, which gets everyone a little more excited.

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