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Season 13, Episode 10

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Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

The challenge begins! Buddy is first in for the Red Team. His interviews are hilariously dirty, in a literal sense. Megan is the first to find a weight for the Black Team, while Buddy continues to search. He gets one soon enough, and the contestants cycle through the pit. There is no staying clean in this endeavor. Most of the contestants are pretty good sports about the whole thing, with the notable exception of constant complainer Emily. In addition to the complaining, Emily is REALLY slow and bad at finding weights. The Red Team takes a considerable lead. The Black Team comes back a little, with a two-weight deficit as they near 40. Megan finds a weight, thus cutting the lead, but Kim is close behind her. Eventually, Mark is in the pit trying to find the Red Team's last weight. And though the Black Team gives it a good effort, Mark finds the 40th weight for his team. They win, and then everyone has a good times mud fight. Kimmy even gets Sami, who is a good sport about the whole thing.

Back at the house, there is a different kind of mud to wade through: the mud of strategery. Kim, Cassandra and Emily approach Conda about the potential of an alliance geared toward a four-lady finale. However, Conda's relationships with some of the men are much deeper, so she goes and tells them almost instantly. Buddy points out that there's no way that Conda would vote off her brother. He knows that he's a threat and appreciates the gamesmanship aspect, though thinks it was poor planning on Emily and Cassandra's part. Conda has no plans to go against the dudes. Buddy discusses this new information with Mark and Jeremy, who also think the scheming ladies are dunderheads. Conda is not only keeping her loyalties to the Red Team men, but is also now a mole for the men.

With that, it's last chance workout time! Dolvett shills for Larabars. Bob works the Red Team in the gym. Kim is a crazy competitive person, and has to do everything that Mark does, but better. Cassandra tries to send invisible brain waves to Bob encouraging him to sabotage the Red Team. Said brain waves are not successful. Meanwhile, Chris is still kind of a pain in the ass who is not working as hard as she could be.

After a break, it's weigh-in time. The Red Team and their two-pound advantage weigh in first. Mark goes from 215 to 213, for a loss of 2 pounds. Bob looks shocked, and says that the number doesn't make sense. Buddy is next, and goes from 294 to 289, for a loss of 5 pounds. At this point, the ladies are starting to feel a little bit of hope. Kimmy is next, and goes from 169 to 167, for a loss of 2 pounds. Jeremy is next, and goes from 289 to 282, for a loss of 7 pounds. He's happy, and so is Conda. Next is Kim, who goes from 186 to 182, for a loss of 4 pounds. That's not bad, but she's displeased. The fact that she's not freaking out, however, shows growth according to Bob. The Red Team has lost 22 pounds total, or 1.91%. Not great! The Black Team definitely has a shot at this one.

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