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Season 13, Episode 10

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Waist Deep in the Big Muddy

To best the Red Team, the Black Team will have to have lost more than 19 pounds. Emily pipes up before anyone steps on the scale and says that she doesn't think they'll get it. Dolvett is NOT PLEASED. He also would like her not to be such a head case. Cassandra is first on the scale, and goes from 175 to 172, for a loss of 3 pounds. Dolvett says that she worked her butt off this week, and he couldn't ask for a better person to train. The Black Team is nervous again. Chris is next, and goes from 185 to 184, for a loss of only 1 pound. She says that she wasn't thrilled about the trainer change, and the stress got to her. The Black Team members really wish that they could vote her off, I think. Megan is next, and goes from 205 to 204, also for a loss of 1 pound. Dolvett can't believe it. Megan tells us that she could lose 1 pound taking a poop, and this number is embarrassing. Emily is next, and goes from 199 to 195, for a loss of 4 pounds. She'd like more, but Bob tells her to look at things in perspective and realize that she's dropped an awesome number. Finally, there's Conda. She'll have to lose 11 pounds for her team to stay safe, which seems pretty much impossible. She goes from 231 to 228, for a loss of 3 pounds. Conda hypothesizes that going back to Dolvett actually put her IN her comfort zone. She's not too upset about anything, though, since she's buddies with the Red Team folks and knows she'll be safe no matter what. The Black Team has lost 12 pounds, or 1.21%. The Red Team will vote to send one Black Team member home, but it won't be Emily -- she's the team's Biggest Loser. Cassandra feels like her coffin has been freshly nailed.

The contestants all meet together for a little pre-elimination talk. Cassandra tells everyone that she still needs to be there very much. Home was very hard for her, and she freaked out, and she isn't ready to go. Chris pipes in to say that her journey started when Roy went home, because she had to learn how to stand on her own. She cries and asks for the others to extend her some grace and more time. Megan says that her time on campus has been a big blessing, but she's still the second fattest girl in the house and is not in the right head space to go home.

Emily asks the Red Team members to use logic and heart, and advocates for Cassandra. Kim points out that the whole thing is a game, but asks that the others not vote Cassandra out just because she's a threat. She appreciates Cassandra's level of effort, and wants to go to the end of the game battling it out against the toughest competitors. Emily seconds that emotion, while Conda laughs and remembers how Emily wanted to bump out the big competitive guys mere days ago.

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