Biggest Loser
Season 13, Episode 11

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For Emily, Wherever We May Find Her

The contestants strap themselves to the ring, and the challenge begins. It's actually pretty hilarious to watch, and also like a metaphor for life. Emily gets close to pulling the rope that leads to her buzzer. Jeremy almost gets to his buzzer, but then face plants and is dragged back to center. The same happens to Emily, and then everybody kind of yanks at once and Kim slams her head into the ice. But she's not going to let a concussion stop her from getting a mystery prize! She gets right back up. I thought this was going to foreshadow a grave meeting with Dr. Huizenga in which he reveals that she has dented her skull bones, but we never hear of it again. Conda and Jeremy get wise and decide to team up and use their collective bulk to pull the others. Jeremy gets to his buzzer first, and wins first place. He gets to leave the rink. This ostensibly leaves Conda on her own, though I'm sure she'll scheme with someone else eventually. Megan decides to lay low until everyone takes a collective breath, then surges forward. Mark is next to her, and goes at the same time. They have a battle to get to their buzzers first, but eventually Mark enacts his own strategery and decides to let Megan have it. Some others join in as well, and Kim gets pissed that people are relying on a lot of help from their friends. If she had more friends from whom to get help, her viewpoint might change.

Is the next round, Chris lends a hand to Mark and he comes in third. Conda takes fourth place, despite a challenge from Emily, and Chris gets fifth. Kim takes the sixth round easily, as she and Emily team up against Kimmy, the lone holdout of the everyone versus Emily and Kim alliance. We come down to Emily versus Kimmy, and Kimmy fully expects to lose. But lo! Kimmy digs deep and puts up a fight. She totally beats Emily to take seventh place! I always enjoy it when a mom wins anything. Emily cries, because she feels dumb.

And then it's present opening time! Mark chooses a box in which is a Biggest Loser hat. SWEET. Emily gets a phone for a day, which she clearly decides to keep. She thinks it won't be hers for long, though. Kimmy is next, and gets an autographed photo of Allison Sweeney, aka Sami! Hahaha. Kimmy decides not to offend Sami, and keeps the photo. Sami is touched. Kim is next, and gets a deluxe box of chocolates. This is like an actual Yankee Swap. Next year at work I'm totally putting in an autographed photo of Allison Sweeney. Kim is tempted to take the phone, but thinks that Emily needs the support of her loved ones to give her a boost. Also, I think, she wants to mow on some chocolates. She keeps them. Chris is next, and chooses a one pound advantage. She keeps it, though suspects it is a temporary acquisition. Conda is next, and gets a crisp new one dollar bill. She takes the one pound advantage, obviously, and Chris has something to put into her home renovation fund.

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