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Season 13, Episode 12

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Though most of the contestants take to surfing with great aplomb, Kimmy is not so psyched about the situation. It turns out that she's not so much of a swimmer, and is afraid of being eaten by sharks. And so is Dolvett! They both decide to conquer their fears and throw caution to the wind. And then they stand up on their boards! Triumph of the spirit! Bethany notes that Dolvett is a stud, proving that she's a woman after my own heart. Kimmy manages to get a wave all the way to the beach, and Bethany is proud. Kimmy tells us that fear is a feeling that you can get over. Later on, Kim feels kind of alone, but stresses that she's not a needy person. She'll put a target on her back, and it will bob up and down as she runs on the treadmill in the hotel gym. The other girls eat salads and throw shade behind her back. Kim should, like, crumble up Doritos throughout their healthy lunches as a form of sabotage.

With that, it's challenge time! There are leis and coconut drinks and hula dancers, whom Buddy takes pains not to get too involved with so as not to offend his wife at home. Chris has the hots for a Hawaiian dude. When Santa's away, Mrs. Claus will sexually harass the entertainment. This challenge is a Hawaiian-style pop quiz. Sami will ask multiple choice questions, and the contestants will get one point for each correct answer. The person with the most correct answers gets a one-pound advantage on the scale. Chris is known far and wide as "The Queen of Useless Knowledge," so thinks she has an edge. The first question is, "How many miles to complete an entire Iron Man competition?" The answer is 140.6 miles. Next, Sami asks which of the following vacation drinks has the most calories: a) Mai Tai; b) PiƱa Colada; c) Blue Hawaiian; d) Lava Flow. Wow, all this talk about delicious cocktails is making me thirsty. The answer is the Lava Flow. This is apparently a drink with two kinds of run, strawberries, banana, pineapple juice and coconut cream. First of all, that sounds delicious. And second, that has like three servings of fruit! It's practically a healthy lunch! One glass has 490 calories, which I guess could be problematic if you are keeping track of such things.

For the third question, we learn that twelve chocolate covered macadamia nuts have more grams of fat than even a pig roasted underground. And for the fourth, we learn that when they're surfing, people burn between 250-290 calories per hour of activity. At this point, with one question left to go, Kim and Chris are tied in the lead. Only they participate in the fifth tiebreaking question. It is again about chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Why is Sami so obsessed with them? This time, she asks how many calories are in 24 chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Kim guesses 518, while Chris thinks it's 1,260. The correct answer is 1,320, which means that Chris is the winner. She is thrilled. Kim, of course, is pouty.

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