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Season 13, Episode 12

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Dolvett has his people do a silly challenge just so he can plug the Yoplait chocolate banana smoothie. Jeremy mixes it by pedaling a bike hooked up to a blender. I wish I had one of those, actually. And then Dolvett has a one-on-one with Kim. He's concerned that she's been down, and not like herself. Kim tells him that all of her friends are gone, and she feels alone. Dolvett is concerned that Kim isn't doing the work, and is losing her competitive fire. Kim admits that during the first day in Hawaii, she found herself heeding the other girls' advice to just chill out for a while. Dolvett wants her to be the insane competitive person of yore, which is essential if she wants to stay in the game. While he's at it, Dolvett wants Kim to be vulnerable and let him know that she's scared. Kim doesn't like to do such things, because she's afraid that people will use her weakness against her. And then they make out. No, that's not true. But there is a lingering hug! Kim vows never to relax again.

The trainers then lead their people in some beachy workouts. Bob and his people row out from shore, and then he tells them to jump out of the boat and swim back. Megan balks, realizing that she's still a juicy treat for sea creatures, but eventually gets in the water. Dolvett has his Losers dig in the sand with shovels, and then run with shovels. It's the postmodern running with scissors. There are some pipes or tubes or something involved as well. Bob focuses some of his energy on getting Megan to be more of a fighter, with pretty good results.

With that, it's time for a challenge in a really gorgeous setting. You know who IS chilling out on this vacation? Sami. She looks so freaking relaxed. She tells the contestants that one of them is about to win immunity. Jeremy hopes that he is the lucky guy, so he can eschew workouts in favor of chilling on the beach and checking out ladies. The challenge goes like such: there is a steep hill with a bunch of leis strewn throughout. The contestants are looking for blue and yellow ones, which they are to bring back and place on tikis that represent each of the contestants. When you have ten leis on your tiki (that's what she said!), you're out of the game. There's also something called the Death Lei, which you can use to automatically oust someone. Poor Buddy has not been medically cleared to compete because of his stress fracture, so has to sit out.

The challenge begins, and people are initially gunning hard for Chris and Kim. Eventually, Kimmy finds the death lei and slaps it on Kim's tiki, which means she's out. Mark thinks this is specious strategy, since Kim already had plenty of leis on her tiki and Kimmy could have taken out a whole other competitor who wasn't minutes from elimination. He says it goes to show just how much some of the others have it out for Kim, and also clearly finds it to be mean. Kim is not surprised about any of this, of course. In short time, Megan takes out Chris. We hear that Jeremy, Conda, Buddy and Mark are very close. While some would call it an alliance, Conda just calls it a friendship. Riiiiiiight. Soon, Megan is out, and then Kimmy, whose Death Lei knell apparently didn't win her any favor with the leaders of the game. Then, Conda, Mark and Jeremy must turn on each other. Jeremy forces Mark to do the bulk of the lei-gathering, and essentially to choose between him and Conda. Eventually, Jeremy takes out Mark, and Conda takes out Jeremy. Conda gets immunity, which was Jeremy's plan all along. We're never getting rid of her, are we? Mark points out that this is the second challenge that Jeremy has given to his sister. Sami tries to call out Kimmy's meanness for giving the Death Lei for Kim, and Kimmy hems and haws about her reasoning. Everyone wishes she would just own her shade. Meanwhile, Sami reminds Conda that if she gains weight, she loses her immunity. Let us all pray for a rogue three pounds to make their way to her waist.

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