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Season 13, Episode 12

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In sad-ish news, this leaves Megan and Kimmy below the yellow line. Kim is not surprised by this, and actually wonders how they're still in the competition at all. I guess these are some of the lazy curs she and Mark were discussing earlier. The contestants head straight to the elimination room, which is on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri. This is the spot where World War II ended. That's a little dramatic for the occasion, right? Sami asks Megan how important it is for her to stay in the competition. The answer is: "Very." Kimmy, meanwhile, has 11 pounds to go to reach her goal weight. It's been a great ride, but she wants everyone to send her home and spare Megan. That's not unexpected. Kim notes that strategically it makes more sense to send Megan home. She has more weight to lose and is a bigger threat. This is the exact reason several people used to send Emily home last week, but given that no one was volunteering to sacrifice themselves for Emily, it's clear that Kim just wants to stick it to Kimmy a little for the Death Lei thing. Kimmy seems confident that most of the others will do her bidding, though, and they do. She's eliminated handily and without controversy.

Kimmy tells us that one of the most difficult parts of this journey has been her separation from her husband and her family, but she's learned something abut conquering fears. In twelve weeks, she's turned her whole life around and is a stronger person. The next time we see Kimmy, this cowgirl will grab the bull by the horns and not let anything hold her back. She will be made of clich├ęs, and also have a bird in the hand! We catch up with Kimmy at home. She started at 219 pounds, and now weighs 154. That's 65 pounds that she is thrilled to have lost. Kimmy was sure that she wanted to sacrifice herself so that Megan could stay on the show, and now they keep in contact via snail mail. Kimmy has started volunteering at a therapeutic horsemanship program, which seems like a very worthwhile endeavor. In other news, Kimmy and her husband Tom seem wildly in love, so there's probably little chance that he will start calling her by her new nickname, "Death Lei." Kimmy hopes to one day open and run her own therapeutic horsemanship facility close to home.

Next week: For every pound lost, the contestants get a big cash prize!

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