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Season 13, Episode 13

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Banana Surprise

Back at the ranch, the cooking commences. Chris gets her chicken onto the stove late, and gets a small burner. She worries that she'll give the judges Salmonella by serving them raw-ass chicken. Soon enough, Jeremy is finished cooking his bananas (yes, cooking his bananas), and Chris claims his burner. Sadly, when time is called, her chicken is still pink. She is mortified. Sami introduces the judges -- Season 12 contestants Vinny, Antone and Becky. I have completely forgotten who all of these people are. Except maybe Vinny wore overalls? When you recap enough seasons of anything, it all runs together.

The contestants each present their dishes to the judges individually. Jeremy's is called, "Jeremy's Banana Surprise," which sounds vaguely dirty. More than vaguely dirty. It has bread and bananas and apples and strawberry jam with cream cheese. It does not look overly appealing. The judges can't even believe it. Megan is next with pan seared tilapia and mixed vegetables. It's on a huge platter, which has to get her points. By all accounts, it's also quite tasty, but has a lot of sodium. Conda serves up her cabbage stew, which the judges enjoy. Oh, and then there's Chris and her raw chicken. She can't let them actually try to eat this, right? Antone notices that the chicken is not cooked, and finally Chris admits that it's a bit raw on one side. Oh, you know, just cut away the Salmonella, it'll be fine. Antone tells us that the chicken was about to start clucking. He asks why Chris would choose something that she knew would be hard to do in 20 minutes, and is not impressed with her paltry excuses. Mark is next, with marinated chicken on a bed of greens. The judges question his decision to add feta. Next is Buddy's tropical chicken salad, which does look tasty. The judges practically have a joint seizure at the words "regular mayonnaise." Finally, there's Kim's teriyaki filet on a Portobello mushroom. It also gets a pretty good reaction overall, even though it's no banana surprise.

The contestants all gather together, and Becky says that the winner had it down in all three categories. And the first place prize goes to... Kim! Oh, good for her. Conda clearly wants to eat her gym socks. The prospect of getting $1,000 per pound lost is an extra motivator for the already competitive Kim. She's ready to kick some ass. Sami announces that it's then time to make fun of Jeremy. Everyone does, and then Antone takes on Chris's copious excuses about time and cooking and whatever. He wonders if her attitude in the cooking challenge spills over into other areas. What he fails to realize is that she's just salty all the time. Chris thinks Antone is off-base, and is embarrassed and angry. However, she keeps her mouth shut in the moment.

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