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Banana Surprise

After the challenge, Chris is still pissed and goes to the gym to work out. Antone clearly can't leave well enough alone, so goes to pay her a visit. He apologizes for offending her during the challenge, and says that he's only a guy who came to the ranch with similar issues and dealt with them. She tells him that she doesn't appreciate being psychoanalyzed by a guy who's known her for 30 minutes. She then proves Antone right in his suspicions by saying that he's set her back. Chris adds that she doesn't know what she's doing to make everyone think that she has all kinds of issues. I would add "generally being a mental case" as the first bullet on that list. Antone tells Chris that maybe she hasn't made the progress that she needs to, and there's something she's not willing to face. Chris doesn't know what that is, and obviously Antone doesn't either. Oh my god, will they please just vote her off? Chris says that her days are numbered and that she has to get on the treadmill. Poor Antone, getting entangled with this hot mess. She's a bananas surprise all to herself.

With that, it's last chance workout time! But first, Bob watches Megan's video diaries and is proud of how she's stepped up. Triumph of the spirit, part five million. Dolvett has his people do some sort of timed obstacle course, and Kim REALLY wants to have the best time. And she does! Bob is still pushing Megan extra hard, in hopes that she's above the yellow line. I think he wants Chris to go, too. At one point, Bob threatens to cut Megan's hair off and kill her. Oh, I just got a pang of nostalgia for the Jillian days. Dolvett wants to help Kim get some cash, so rides her until she sweats out $1,000. Oh, and then Bob talks to Chris about what Antone said to her. Chris says that her own reaction scared her, and then cries about the fact that she doesn't want to go home. Bob thinks that Chris doesn't want to go back to the way things used to be, which is a good sign. He adds that in her confrontation with Antone, she forgot about how far she's come. He wants her to have an arsenal to take back with her into the real world. Also: meds.

With that, it's weigh-in time! Kim is up first, and gets $1,000 per pound lost. She goes from 171 to 164, for a loss of 7 pounds or 4.09%. She's thrilled, both because of pounds and money. Mark is up next, and goes from 200 pounds to 200, for no loss at all. Everyone looks quite surprised, and Mark is really frustrated. Dolvett knows that Mark pushed himself this week, and tell shim that he always should continue to strive, even when the results don't match the effort. He does have a one pound advantage, which brings his loss total to .5%. Buddy is next, and goes from 275 to 269, for a loss of 6 pounds or 2.18%. He's in danger of falling below the yellow line, and not happy with his numbers. Next is Conda, who needs to have lost more than 4 pounds to stay safe. She goes from 217 to 210, for a loss of 7 pounds or 3.23%. We're never going to be rid of her, are we?

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