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Season 13, Episode 14

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Michelle Obama!

Next, the contestants head to the Ken Paves Salon, and we get to see if the guru himself can do something with Chris's hair. There's a Clairol lady in attendance, too. Mark looks dubious about this, like he's afraid that someone is going to attempt to dye his overgrown soul patch. Ken says a bunch of things to Chris, and I'm not entirely sure what he's talking about. Things get a bit clearer when he vows to put the sexy back in short hair. The Clairol lady can't wait to get her hands on Chris's gray head. Lots of shaving occurs for the dudes, and Conda agrees to cut her hair and donate the excess to Locks of Love. She makes the first chop herself, and automatically looks better. Ken is like the most excited elf in all of Elfland about the whole thing.

And then we're in D.C.! Bob and Dolvett are there, too, all dressed up and looking fly. Except that Dolvett's suit is kind of silly. He might be putting his F/M/K status in jeopardy with that weird checkered pattern. And wait, is Bob wearing JEANS? At the WHITE HOUSE? You were all right about killing him, it turns out. Mark is first to show off his makeover, and Jeannie has actually made him look kind of like Al Manzo. Hmm. Bob asks Mark to reflect on what it's been like to be on the ranch without Chism. He says that he had to get his head in a whole different place, and believe that both he and Chism would be fine. Dolvett praises him for his attitude, and then both he and Bob leave the room. Mark's wife and two non-Chism kids enter, and there is lots of hugging and happy tears. Mark's wife, Cathy, says that his absence has made her appreciate him even more as a dad and husband. The one sad note is that Chism isn't there to experience this whole thing. George Washington looks on in sympathy.

Chris is next to reveal her makeover, and Bob and Dolvett are really excited about her new brown hair! She does look a whole lot younger! And happier! And less crazy! She's sporting a lovely dress and red shoes, and then gets to see her three kids. She introduces herself as "your mother's younger sister." Her kids seem to be in absolute shock, and stand there nervously. Chris thanks her kids for allowing her to be away for so long, and they all acknowledge that they've taken her for granted. They express their pride in Chris, and she calls this one of the best moments of her life.

Buddy enters the White House next, and Bob tells him he looks like a president. He's totally clean-shaven, and also has contacts! He really does look handsome, and very happy. Buddy tells Bob and Dolvett that life is much more vibrant and colorful now. Things only get better when Buddy's wife and kid and new baby enter. Shelby, Buddy's wife, says that she barely recognized him. It's been difficult for her to be away from Buddy, and she wants to savor every moment with him. Bob and Dolvett hang around for this one, because everyone loves gawking at a baby. Buddy calls this the perfect day.

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