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Season 13, Episode 15

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Christmas Comes Early

Before you know it, we're back in L.A. for the weigh-in. Conda has a one-pound disadvantage, while Buddy has a one-pound advantage. Chris has a mental disadvantage. Buddy is first on the scale, and goes from 269 to 260, for a loss of 9 pounds or 3.72%. That's great, considering that there wasn't a whole lot of quality workout time this week. Kim is next, and goes from 164 to 162, for a loss of 2 pounds or 1.22%. Not fantastic, but she is at peace about the whole situation. Jeremy is next, and goes from 260 to 249, for a loss of 11 pounds or 4.23%. He's definitely safe.

Then there's Conda. She goes from 210 to 205, for a loss of 5 pounds. With her one pound disadvantage, that's 1.9%. Mark is next, and goes from 200 to 196, for a loss of 4 pounds or 2.0%. This puts Kim squarely below the yellow line, and she knows that if she goes up against Conda she's screwed. Chris is the last to weigh in, and goes from 170 to 172, for a gain of two pounds. That's what happens when you eat a peanut butter and mayo burger! Bob tells her to remember how lousy she felt after binging, and to realize that she deserves any happiness that she gets. He wants her to learn from this mistake, because then it will be a mistake worth making.

Chris and Kim are below the yellow line, and up for elimination. Conda votes to eliminate Chris, as does Buddy. That's enough to send her home. Kim cries, and says that there were a lot of times when she felt alone during this game. Wait, isn't this the part where Chris is supposed to make a tearful speech? Anyway, Kim is moved by the fact that Buddy really seems to like her. Finally, Chris gets her moment, and says that she's been blessed to have this opportunity. She's going home with new treasured friendships, and a jar of mayonnaise that she will try not to eat. Chris says that she needs her family, and they need her. She's leaving with a tremendous sense of accomplishment and is very proud of herself, and very grateful for the experience.

When Chris first arrived on the show, she weighed 240 pounds. Today, at home, she weighs 156! Being home, Chris has had to learn how to incorporate more activity into her daily life, like biking to the grocery store. She and Roy are continuing to grow together, and do a lot of working out together. Roy is very happy that Chris is home, clearly. Chris realized when she got home that she hadn't taught her kids many good habits, and had to get them on board the health and fitness train. The whole family is active together and appears to be having fun, just like Michelle Obama said would happen! After the finale, Chris plans on taking a trip across the country with Roy... on bicycles!

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