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Season 13, Episode 17

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Fat (Second) Chance

The phase one weigh-in shakes out as follows. The top eight contestants who move on to the next round are:

Jeremy, who has lost 150 pounds or 38.56%

Cassandra, who has lost 81 pounds or 33.89%

Emily, who has lost 89 pounds or 33.71%.

Mike, who has lost 114 pounds or 31.84%

Chris, who has lost 74 pounds or 30.83%.

Lauren, who has lost 74 pounds or 30.08%

Kimmy, who has lost 65 pounds or 29.68%.

Megan, who has lost 70 pounds or 27.03%.

The seven contestants who do not move on are:

Nancy, who has lost 49 pounds or 29.58%.

Chism, who has lost 96 pounds or 26.59%.

Roy, who has lost 79 pounds or 25.82%.

Ben, who has lost 99 pounds or 25.0%.

Daphne, who has lost 67 pounds or 24.72%.

Gail, who has lost 73 pounds or 22.67%.

Adrian, who has lost 79 pounds or 21.35%.

Personally I think that Ben, whoever he is, should get a prize for losing exactly one quarter of his weight! Getting a something point zero percentage loss is always such a thrill! That says a lot about the excitement level of recapping, eh? In other news, the collective fantasy of Adrian and Daphne storming back to show Conda, Jeremy and Kim what's what has been denied.

So, the top eight get to spend some time in the house before moving on to the next phase. Jeremy of course pouts in his room while Conda gives him a pep talk. He talks about how the finalist position has been taken from him, and it feels like a dagger, and THEN he says that Conda and Kim can't say that they did more than him last week. In Conda's case that is clearly true, but he'd better step off Kim. She's worked so hard! It is now quite clear what Kim's rather sudden redemption arc was leading to -- we needed someone that we could root for at least by default. Jeremy sulks some more and says that he doesn't want to have to try to earn a spot in the finals that he feels he's already earned. I can't even tell you how much I would like someone else to beat him. Because Conda has consistently been so completely horrible, I think Jeremy's own horrible tendencies (less acute, for sure) have been on the DL throughout the season. No longer! Now we can actively root against him too. Their parents must be so proud. Elsewhere in the house, people go for walks and eat Jennie-O turkey sandwiches with Dolvett.

There is gym time with the trainers. Now that Miss Alison Sweeney has contacted me, how long do you think it will take Dolvett to tweet me a proposal? I'm up for decent or indecent. And do you all really think that Dolvett and Kim are knocking sneakers? I'm so focused on Dolvett's and my relationship that I haven't even noticed their crackling chemistry! Or maybe I'm in denial? Anyway, gym, screaming, blah. Dolvett criticizes Jeremy's weight lifting form, and can tell that he's not the same guy. Jeremy complains about his plight, and Dolvett gets it but also sort of wants Jeremy to shut up. Trainers: they're just like us! Jeremy whines about how hard he's worked and yet still isn't a finalist, and Dolvett tells him to trust the process. I don't know that that's exactly the route I'd take given last week's events, but okay. He adds that fighters don't whine, quit or complain -- they do the work. So basically Jeremy needs to get over it, which is something on which we can all co-sign. Jeremy decides to make anger his motivator, and redoubles his efforts to make it to the finals.

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