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Season 13, Episode 2

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Know When to Fold 'Em

Oh my God, you guys, New Hampshire primaries. I've never been a fan of the idea of wrist-slitting, but this shit at least makes me want to triple my cheese consumption in the hopes of a swift, artery-clogged death. Sorry, Dr. H. From now on I shall say no more about it.

Anyway, previously on The Biggest Loser, one team got eliminated before even making it into the ranch gates. But the joke was on all the folks who did get in, because their teams of two were split up. Dolvett's Red Team won the first weigh-in, much to his delight. He flashed the pearly whites and flexed the abs extra in celebration. On the Black Team, Ben asked to go home and the others obliged him. And on the theme of "No Excuses," this week we are tackling, "I don't know how to eat healthy." That is always lies. It's called vegetables! Look it up.

Sami meets the contestants in their kitchen to share news about the upcoming week. The player with the highest percentage of weight loss on the winning team will be able to give immunity to one person on the losing team. That would be their initial partner, obviously. Sami asks for two leaders from each team to come with her. Emily from the Black Team and Kim from the Red Team volunteer immediately, and with some reluctance Joe from the Black Team and Kimmy from the Red Team raise their hands. Wait, the Red Team has a Kim AND a Kimmy? I don't know how I'm supposed to manage that for a whole season. Hopefully one of them will be eliminated soon.

The four team leaders are taken into a room with gambling paraphernalia. Sami explains that they have the chance to win a five-pound advantage for their team. Each pair of team leaders will bid on what they think their team's percentage of weight lost will be at this week's weigh-in. There are chips, which each represent one-tenth of a percentage. The team with the highest bid at the end will win, and if they hit the percentage at the weigh-in they'll get the five-pound advantage. If they don't, the other team will get it. Sami gives the teams their numbers from last week as a baseline.

The Red Team won the last weigh-in, so they get to bid first. Kim and Kimmy are at a bit of a loss. Joe, who is something of a gambler, knows that week two will probably be a challenge in terms of weight-loss, and confers with Emily about starting the bidding low. Sami asks the Red Team for their bid, and it's 3.8%. Emily thinks that the Kim(mies) are absolutely nuts. She and Joe kind of look around for a while in disbelief, and then announce that they fold. This means that the Red Team gets the shot at the five pound advantage. There is some talking of the smack, and then Sami announces to Kim and Kimmy that the average weight loss in week two is 2%. Strangely, they don't now seem to feel completely stupid.

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