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Season 13, Episode 2

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Know When to Fold 'Em

The four leaders meet again with the group and tell them what's happened. Kim and Kimmy's Red Teammates clearly think that they're idiots. The teams then must share this news with their trainers, and Dolvett is not thrilled about the challenge of losing 94 collective pounds in the second week. He says that Kim and Kimmy are terrible gamblers. True! And yet the Red Team has no choice in the matter at this point, so they head to knock it out in the gym. Bob's folks work out like crazy as well, and he announces that he has no patience and no sympathy. He would rather not lose two weeks in a row. Dolvett pays some special attention to terrible gamblers Kim and Kimmy, in an inflicting-pain kind of way. Meanwhile, Chism starts to falter, and Bob tells him to breathe and calm down and not get too overwhelmed. He doesn't want to put Chism in harm's way, because having a name like "Chism" is enough to bear. Bob then calls his team together to try to get them to focus. I think they're having a hard time with all of the Red Team shenanigans, such as Dolvett spray painting "94 lbs" on the wall. Bob snits in an interview, "Are you a child?" He is quite certain that there's no way the Red Team will lose 94 pounds in week two, and also dislikes their cockiness. I don't know if the Bob/Dolvett rivalry is real or all for show, but either way I find it amusing and hope that it prompts more shirtlessness from Dolvett.

Oh no! And then it's time for visits from Dr. "Six Feet Under" Huizenga. He talks to Joe and learns that he is a truck driver. I don't think you're even allowed to be a truck driver if you weigh less than 400 pounds. Joe apparently has a very advanced case of sleep apnea and stops breathing upwards of 70 times per hour. That is very, very bad. To make matters worse, Joe has pre-diabetes. Dr. H. assures us that he's at risk for sudden death. Fun times! Dr. H. then talks to Joe's brother, Mike, who started gaining weight at 10 years old. He had been a skinny, active kid, but encouraged by his big-time eater dad put on 50 pounds in one summer. That's crazy! Mike also smoked two packs a day with his dad, at twelve years old. That is so fucked up! It's too bad child services didn't get their hands on these guys. Mike moved from cigarettes to smokeless tobacco, which Dr. H. notes has led to an increase in oral cancer AND often has lots of sugar. That's not good for pre-diabetics such as Mike. Their dad died of colon cancer at 51, and Mike and Joe are heading in the same direction. Dr. H. is ready to whip them out of their denial via bad news and fear of death. It's his modus operandi, after all.

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