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Season 13, Episode 2

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Know When to Fold 'Em

On the Red Team, Mike is getting on everyone's nerves. Apparently he takes a lot of breaks, except for the crucial component of breaking a sweat. Dolvett takes him out for a little one-on-one to ask what's up. Mike says that the Red Team is split into factions. He's also disturbed that his brother Joe is pallin' around with the Black Team 24-7. We learn in a flashback interview that Mike and Joe are half brothers, and didn't meet until Mike was 12. Mike wanted to build his and Joe's relationship by being on the show, but now hardly ever gets to see him. Dolvett wants Mike to get out of his head and focus on himself, I guess in a less self-pitying way.

And then, it's weigh-in time. Dolvett reminds us that hitting 94 pounds is going to be tough for the Red Team. Sami looks super cute in a mod dress that I covet. She reminds everyone that, in addition to the biggest loser on the losing team having immunity, the biggest loser on the winning team will get to grant immunity to one additional person. There's also the matter of the five-pound advantage, which will depend on whether the Red Team meets their 94-pound target. We start with the Red Team, and Kim is first on the scale. She feels a lot of pressure, given that she was one of the idiots who bet that her team could lose 3.8%. She goes from 239 to 236, for a loss of just 3 pounds. Everyone on the Red Team starts to look gravely concerned. Dolvett reminds Kim that week two is a plateau week, so in that sense it's good that she lost anything. But also she's an idiot. Kimmy is next, and seems to be actually clueless about her idiot role in this predicament. She's, like, maybe not all there. Kimmy goes from 210 to 206 for a loss of 4 pounds. Santa Claus Roy is next on the scale. He goes from 292 to 287 for a loss of 5 pounds. Oh yeah, there's no way they're hitting 94 pounds. Lauren is next, and goes from 237 to 233, for a loss of 4 pounds. She was hoping for more, but is happy that she has a loss at all.

We then breeze through the other Red Team members, as Dolvett tells us that Nancy loses 5 pounds, Conda and Mike each lose 7, Mark loses 8, and Buddy loses 9. In total, the Red Team has lost 52 pounds or 2.09%. They obviously forfeit their five-pound advantage to the Black Team, which has to lose more than 48 pounds to win the weigh-in. That's about six pounds a piece for the eight Black Team members. Gail steps on the scale first for the Black Team. She goes from 313 to 308 for a loss of 5 pounds. Bob rolls his eyes and talks about what a lazy fuck she is. I'm sorry, it's probably wrong to say that about an older lady. Megan is next, and goes from 252 to 248 for a loss of 4 pounds. Cassandra is next, and goes from 225 to 220, for a loss of 5 pounds. Right about now, Dolvett feels a little glimmer of hope that the Black Team might eke out a victory. Emily is next, and goes from 254 to 250, for a loss of 4 pounds. Half of the Black Team has weighed in, but even with the five-pound advantage, they're not halfway to their needed total.

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