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Season 13, Episode 2

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Know When to Fold 'Em

Chris is net, and goes from 232 to 226, for a loss of 6 pounds. Mrs. Claus rocking it out! Joe goes from 342 to 334, for a loss of 8. He's pretty happy with that as well. Jeremy is next, and goes from 376 to 369, for a loss of 7 pounds. Chism is the last to weigh in, and has to lose more than 4 pounds to pull out a victory for the Black Team. He goes from 349 to 341 for a loss of 8 pounds. And with that, the Black Team has done it! They lost 52 pounds, or 2.22%. If it had not been for the five-pound advantage, the Red Team would have won the weigh-in. Kim and Kimmy need to know not only when to walk away, but when to run. It seems quite possible that one of them will get the big axe. I sure do hope it's Kimmy. Case in point: she's a grown woman who calls herself "Kimmy." Unless you are Kimmy Gibbler, it's just not going to work. Mark has the highest percentage of weight lost on the Red Team, and so he has immunity. The Black Team member with the highest percentage of weight lost is Chris, and she doesn't hesitate in giving immunity to Roy. The Claus's stick together, people!

The Red Team members sit down for a talk, and Kim is extra worried because she lost the lowest percentage of weight on either team. Kimmy addresses her teammates, and says that her journey isn't over yet. Kim says that she's very disappointed in her number this week, and adds that as a single mom with three kids at home, and wants to make a better life for her family and herself. Mike gets into really dangerous territory as he asks the others if they think anyone on the team hasn't adequately pushed themselves. Conda finds it ironic that he's asking this question, since Mike didn't even break a sweat during the last chance workout. Mike says that he doesn't sweat like other people. He weighs 400 pounds! He's glistening right now just sitting there!

The Red Team enters the elimination room. Kim votes for Mike, and talks about Mike's penchant for breaks during the workout and general lack of motivation. Mike claims that the nutritionist told them to take a snack break halfway throughout the workout, and Conda wastes no time in calling bullshit. Mike says that he did his best and tried as hard as he could. He adds that they don't even have to lift the lids off of their room service trays -- he knows he's done. Sami asks Mike about his level of commitment and what would cause his teammates to vote for him, and Mike says that his abrasive personality might be to blame. During the first weigh-in, Mike said, "Go tank!" to Jeremy, and even though he claims he meant it in a loving way, Conda was not amused and vocally said that she could not stand Mike. He and Conda have more words, and then she calls him out on chewing tobacco before the weigh-in. Mike says that he never hid the fact that he chews tobacco, and states the obvious fact that Conda doesn't like him. He also doesn't think that she's the sweetheart of America. I would actually like to see those two duke it out street-style. My money would be on Conda, for sure.

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