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Season 13, Episode 2

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Know When to Fold 'Em

Before things get too out of hand, Sami moves on to the other votes. Roy votes for Mike, noting that he had the chance to put forth his best work and be truthful, but didn't. Mike starts talking about his abrasive personality again, and then he and Conda get into it once more. She talks again about how Mike has disrespected her and her brother, and how he walked into the house thinking he was an alpha male. Sami finally can't take the bickering anymore and moves on. Mike votes for Conda, and Conda votes for Mike. Nancy tearfully votes for Mike, and then Kimmy casts the final death knell. Mike has been eliminated. He says that he's not angry at anyone, and the others don't have to be upset about sending him home. Um, with minimal exceptions, I don't think they are. Mike apologizes for any hurt feelings, and talks about how he had no relationship with Joe once the teams split up. As the other contestants split up into cliques, Mike was left alone. He has abandonment issues, so this struck him hard. Conda says that this is the first time she's ever seen Mike show any type of emotion, and now understands him a bit better. It turns out that Joe has bonded with Jeremy, which probably contributed to the digs Mike took at Jeremy. Mike pledges to look like Alec Baldwin at the finale and also be nicotine-free. Sami asks him to shake everyone's hand on the way out, but instead he gives them hugs.

Mike weighed 358 pounds when he started on the ranch, and is leaving at 338 pounds. Even though it's only been two weeks, he says that he learned how to fight hard and to workout harder than he thought his body could handle. To fix his body, he knows that he has to fix his head. The next time we see Mike, the only thing that will be smoking is his body. We catch up with Mike today. He's lost 56 pounds and feels amazing at a slimmer 302 pounds. He realized on the ranch that anger was the reason that he was overweight. Now he's boxing to help take out his aggression. Mike is still fighting his battle against nicotine, and has started acupuncture in an effort to help him quit for good. Mike wants to be a good role model for his daughter, and says that the tools he learned on the show will help his family to live a healthier life. By the finale, Mike hopes to be 120 pounds lighter and nicotine free.

Next week: Catfight! Conda is involved. And maybe someone quits?

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