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Season 13, Episode 3

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Hot and Sour

And then! We're back at the house, and Joe is packing his suitcase. Everyone else looks stunned as Joe announces that he's going to go home. He says that he misses his family, and it's been weighing heavily on him. His brother's elimination put the nail in the coffin. Oh wait, I thought that was the fat clogging his arteries. Poor form, buddy. Conda hugs him and cries, while Emily is just pissed. Megan points out that Joe leaving mid-week, before the weigh-in when it seemed probable that he would beat Nancy in the face-off, kind of screws the Black Team. No one screams at him, which I think is a shame. The next morning, Bob visits the house and learns about Joe's defection. He says that a contestant has never quit the show, and that basically Joe is using the biggest excuse ever. Bob doesn't buy it and is distinctly unimpressed. He says that he's going to have the last word in this situation, and calls Joe. We see Joe fielding the call from his house in Albany, looking sheepish as Bob tells him that he could have been a contender. He really wants to hammer home the point that Joe has not done the right thing, and so says that he doesn't know what will be different in Joe's life now. Bob thinks he's going to go back to his old ways. Joe claims to have learned a lot, and Bob is like, "...not so much." He goes so far to call it a crock, which it is. He too does not scream at Joe. It's moments like these when I really miss Jillian. She would have actually choked him through the phone.

We then catch up with Dolvett and the Red Team in the gym. Dolvett is a competitive soul, and so is looking forward to face-off week. I wish he and Bob would just whip it out and settle this once and for all. The Black Team is also working out, and of course there's lots of screaming and whatnot. The contestants size up their face-off competitors, and engage in some mild interview smack talk. Emily does some presses with big-ass weights, and is taken back to her competitive weight-lifting days. She says it's difficult to be lifting what she calls "peanut weights" when she used to be a champion. Bob is extremely frustrated with Gail, because he has to be on her all the time and listen to her incessant whining. He resorts to threats of physical violence before telling her that she's ridiculous and that he doesn't have time for her tears. Get it together, grandma!

Oh God, and then Cassandra starts crying too at the prospect of lifting a 40-pound weight. As it turns out, she's got confidence problems. She was an English major and wanted to be a journalist and writer, but didn't feel like she could present herself in a professional capacity being heavy. Cassandra acknowledges that she squanders her own dreams with self-doubt. Bob knows that Cassandra crumbles when she's confronted with pressure, but he doesn't care about the fear in her eyes. He says that his team members are always facing off with themselves, and he wants them to win every time. Cassandra lifts her big weight not once, but like ten times. Triumph of the spirit!

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