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Season 13, Episode 3

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With no further ado, we head straight to the elimination room. Nancy votes for Kim, for the reason that she can excel outside of the ranch. Kim in turn votes for Nancy. Lauren also votes for Nancy. Conda votes for Lauren, for the reason that she thinks she'll do okay off of the ranch. Buddy also votes for Lauren. Don't these people discuss a strategy? Oh, and then Mark votes for Lauren too. Poor Lauren looks completely blindsided. She cries and says that it sucks. Roy casts his vote in the interest of the team, and so lifts his room service tray to reveal Nancy's name. Lauren and Nancy each have three votes, so it all comes down to Kimmy. She thought about who is sickest and needs help the most, and who is strongest. She votes for Lauren, which means that Lauren is toast. Lauren, we hardly knew ye! Like, literally. I kept having to look up her name. But hopefully she'll go home and kick ass and stuff.

Lauren cries as she interviews that she had no clue she'd be going home. She says that others including Dolvett have called her an athlete, but she doesn't see it yet. She has obstacles to overcome, including the big one of believing in herself. Coming to the ranch has taught her that she is stronger than she thought. When we next see Lauren, she says she'll be successful at home and have $100,000 grand to prove her. We catch up with Lauren today. She started on the ranch at 246 pounds, and has lost 53 pounds so far. Oh, good for her! Lauren still was having problems seeing herself as an athlete, so decided to sign up for a half marathon to prove it to herself. Oh, good for her. We see Lauren running with a smile on her face. She reaches her goal of finishing in under three hours, and finally believes that she's a true athlete. Lauren plans to run a full marathon next and hopes to weigh 130 pounds by the finale. She might actually be a contender for the at-home prize!

Next week: Conda is a pain in the ass. Surprise.

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