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Season 13, Episode 4

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Buddy is first on the scale for the Red Team. He goes from 363 to 353 for a loss of 10 pounds. Pretty great for being at home. Santa is up next, and goes from 278 to 272, for a loss of 6 pounds. Kimmy goes from 203 to 197 also for a loss of 6, and Mark goes from 266 to 255 for a loss of 11. Kim goes from 230 to 220 for a loss of 10 pounds, and Nancy goes from 205 to 200, for a loss of 5 pounds. Dolvett is proud of Nancy's progress, despite the fact that she is occasionally a pain in the ass. The Red Team has lost 48 pounds so far, with Conda left to weigh in. She has to lose at least 2 pounds for her team to win the weigh-in. She goes from 275 to 265, for a loss of a whopping 10 pounds! Dolvett goes nuts, and Bob rolls his eyes. You know he wants to say something about Dolvett being a sore winner, because when it comes down to it, Bob is much more like Chris than he'd like to admit. The Red Team has lost 58 pounds collectively, or 3.19%. This means that the Black Team will have to send somebody home. It won't be Emily, however -- she has the highest percentage of weight lost for the team.

As this is a one-hour show, we jump right into the elimination. Megan votes for Gail. Chism votes for Chris, on account of how she said she wanted to leave. She takes this moment to say that she wants to be there 100%, and that day was just her cry for help. Cassandra votes for Gail, having the strength of the team in mind. Jeremy votes for Chris, for similar reasons as Chism. Chris votes for Gail. Gail in turn votes for Chris. And so it's all tied up. It comes down to Emily's vote. She cries a lot and then casts a vote for Gail. With four votes, Gail has been eliminated. Gail tells us that it's been a privilege to be on campus, and that she's learned she can do things she never thought imaginable. She would like to have stayed, but is looking forward to training with her daughter Lauren at home. The next time we see Gail, she'll be taking care of herself first, and then everyone else.

We see Gail today. She started at 322 pounds, and today she weighs 266 pounds -- that's a loss of 56 total. Gail explains how hard it was to hear from Bob that she didn't give all that she could. She started giving 100% at home, and wound up with tendonitis in her hip. We see Gail visit her doctor, who tells her that he wants to limit her activity. This means that Gail will have to swim a lot more. But she'll do it if it means finally getting Bob's approval. That's a little fucked up, right? By the finale, Gail wants Bob to eat his words and finally say, "You did it, Mama!"

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