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Season 13, Episode 5

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Shut Up, Conda

We next see the Black Team doing their "homework" after Bob leaves. This means five extra hours in the gym. Jeremy explains that you can judge a person's commitment by how they react to and complete the homework. Emily thinks that Daphne is in awe of all the work that the others do, and is concerned when Daphne leaves the gym during homework time. Back in their room, Adrian says that he thinks they worked out harder at home, and also adds that his teammates view him as a threat. Daphne says that she hasn't heard anything bad or negative from her team. TO HER FACE. Meanwhie, Conda and Kim cook some Jennie-O turkey and are total hags about Adrian. Apparently, he called Conda out for being such a jerk and said that the only reason he hasn't checked her is because he's a gentleman (as evidenced by the ascot). Conda is offended by some things that Adrian has said. I'm sure all those things were TOTALLY UNPROVOKED. Kim and Conda are the worst. But also the best, because without someone to hate, this show really falls flat. So continue being horror shows, ladies! Ultimately we'll thank you, even if we say some really mean stuff about you in the short term.

Oh, and then Chris wants to have a conversation with Chism and Jeremy. She gives them lots of compliments and an invitation to talk to her at any time about, like, issues or whatever. It's extremely awkward. Everyone in this room has the worst hair, by the way. Even if it weren't so awkward, it would be hard to watch for that reason alone. Chism notes that if Chris really wanted to get to know him and Jeremy, she would have attempted it before they tried to vote her off. Jeremy agrees that Chris sucks at reaching out. Hey you guys, remember last week when this show was only an hour long? Halcyon days!

Then it's challenge time. Someone asks what they think the challenge will be, and Conda says, "Drowning our new teammates." If I were a juror on the case where Conda was found choked to death by an ascot, I would certainly acquit Adrian. She also says that she wants to kick Adrian, in full earshot of him. Daphne notes that Conda is childish, and also that Adrian should really stop being a gentleman and start to check her. Agreed! Adrian is very Zen about the whole thing, though, and says that haters make you thrive. Also, they're gon' hate. The challenge this week is typically convoluted. Something about the beach and balls and trampolines and a dividing wall. I'm sorry I can't be more specific than that. There are three different colored balls worth different point amounts, and the first team to get to 100 points wins. The prize is an interesting one -- the winning team gets to pick one contestant from each team whose weight won't count at the weigh-in. Roy and Chism haven't been cleared medically to compete in the challenge, so they sit out. Nancy also sits out for the Red Team, to even up the numbers.

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