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Season 13, Episode 5

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Shut Up, Conda

The challenge begins! It involves a lot of running in the sand, and appears to be quite exhausting. This whole trampoline balls thing is silly, and we can only hope that it leads to Conda getting beaned on the head. The teams both seem to get in a rhythm with bouncing and catching the balls, and the scores are pretty close for a while. Eventually, however, the Red Team pulls ahead by quite a bit. They win by a score of 100 to 78, and the Black Team becomes quite dejected as a result.

Hour two begins with the Red Team bickering about where Adrian is going to sit at the dinner table. Mark says that Kim and Conda are being territorial, when the truth is that they're straight-up bitches. That is some middle school shit, right there. Mark calls them out on it, saying that bitchery is going to affect the entire team. Nancy asks if anyone on the team is in twelfth or eighth grade. If not, she says, deal with your damn problems like an adult. Conda smugly asks if someone has offended Nancy, and Nancy responds that she's tired of hearing Conda complain about Adrian all day long. She tells Conda to air out her grievances with Adrian rather than gossiping to everyone else. Adrian says that he doesn't know what the issue is. He just got there, and is trying to get to know everyone, and doesn't know why Conda has a problem with him. Conda apparently is mad that Adrian said that he worked out 14 hours a day at home and that everyone else needs to step their game up. Adrian argues that didn't say that, and Conda tells him not to lie. Mark correctly calls this petty. Kim adds to the pettiness by adding that Adrian was foisted upon an already bonded team, and then had the gall to act like they weren't working hard enough for him. She thinks it's bullshit. Nancy suggests to Adrian that he listen and observe for a while rather than running his mouth. He does NOT appreciate this. These people are worse than the contestants on Top Model, no lie. Respeito, people!

Dolvett and Adrian have another talk, and Adrian tells him that everything is okay with the Red Team. He doesn't want to rat anyone out, but Dolvett intuits that shade is happening. Adrian is, I think, the first person to say, "It's The Biggest Loser, not The Biggest Friendship," and for that I award him one million points. Dolvett wants Adrian to give it to him straight. But Adrian would rather have a conversation as a group, so the others don't think he's trying to further divide them. We cut to this group meeting. No one speaks at first, so Dolvett asks Kim to start things off. She talks about Adrian waltzing in the middle of the bonded group, which has been a challenge for her. Adrian talks about how nice everyone was when he and Daphne were eliminated. He was hoping for that same support when they returned to campus. Dolvett says that Adrian needs to view himself as the new guy that he is. He can't force-feed himself to the others. However, to make a successful team, the others have to open up. Dolvett tells everyone to bring their best selves to the team, because he is not down with this shit. Adrian vows, correctly, to hold a grudge.

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