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Season 13, Episode 5

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Shut Up, Conda

The Red Team can't vote for Adrian, who has immunity, or Kim, who has the highest percentage of weight lost. They all talk, and no one wants to go home. Adrian apologizes to his team for his low number, and offers to take any suggestions that they might have. Mark accuses Adrian of playing the game, e.g. water loading. I guess I accused him of that, too. Adrian points out that he hasn't even been there long enough to know what playing the game is. He also does not appreciate the accusation. Adrian is very, very lucky that he has immunity. In the elimination room, things get emotional quickly. Kimmy cries quite a bit as she votes for Nancy. Nancy votes for Mark. Mark votes for Nancy. Adrian votes for Mark. Buddy votes for Nancy. Kim and Conda both vote for Nancy, and it's a done deal. Everyone seems to find Nancy to be inspirational. Adrian says that Nancy is sweet as pie, and yet declines to take her advice to shut up for a while and instead expresses his surprise that she's being sent home. Conda starts bawling, and says that he doesn't know what everyone else has gone through. Kim adds that Adrian should listen and keep his mouth shut, and Adrian takes offense to that, and Nancy just wants to have her moment. Hmmm, maybe Adrian is a pain in the ass too. But really, he can't be worse than Conda and Kim.

Nancy arrived at the ranch weighing 217 pounds, and is leaving at 196. When Nancy came here, she had lost who she was, but now she's gotten some of her old self back. She says that Cassandra saved her life by bringing her to the ranch, and adds that she absolutely thinks she'll be able to continue successfully at home. We get a clip of Nancy rapping. I wish I hadn't seen that. Nancy says that the next time we see her, she'll be rapping about how great she feels and how happy she is. Or maybe she'll just tell us in non-rapping words. We catch up with Nancy today, when she weighs 178 pounds. We meet a portion of her ginormous family -- 13 kids, 55 grandkids, and 3 great-grandchildren. How does she keep track? Could you imagine having 55 grandkids? Oh no! And then she raps about being a white mama! Oh, it's just terrible. It's much more charming when she plays in the snow. Nancy wants to win the at-home prize, then buy a motorcycle and travel across the U.S., terrorizing the country with her mad (and bad!) rhymes.

Next week: More Conda/Adrian drama!

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