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Season 13, Episode 6

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Bob's Team then gets a special lunch at a restaurant called Home, and whatsherface the nutritionist chef lady is there. She wants to test the Black Team's knowledge about how to eat healthily in restaurants. Is Extra Sugar-Free Gum on the menu? Daphne gets a little nervous staring down the dessert case. Whatsherface asks Jeremy what he'd normally order. He constructs a meal consisting of chicken and pasta alfredo, a breadstick, chicken tenders with ranch dressing, jalapeno poppers, and a beer. That is the most random dinner, and also contains over 3,200 calories. Daphne would order steak with cheese fries, and also pancakes with syrup, and then a cupcake as well. That's over 3,600 calories. I mean, it's an impressive meal. I'd never think of ordering pancakes as a sort of palate cleanser. Pancakes: the sorbet of the obese! Emily would have gotten a salad if she were on a date, but in normal situations would have gotten pasta in pink sauce, salad, and two cupcakes. That's also 3,200 calories. Delicious food has a lot of calories, everybody. Take note.

The team talks about potentially healthy meals. Jeremy mentions the chicken salad, and whatsherface points out that it could be a caloric nightmare. She recommends ordering it sans croutons, dressing on the side. "Dressing on the side" is a good rule in general, as it turns out. Daphne is thinking about the caramelized apple salad, and whatsherface notes that the caramelized walnuts that come with the salad are at least 200 calories. And also would kill your faithful recapper! In comparison, a glazed donut is 190 calories. Well, then! I should be eating more donuts, clearly. Chris says that she'd get the healthy egg white omelet, dry. Dry means that the chef will use cooking spray as opposed to butter, margarine or oil. This shaves about 200 calories off the whole thing. Cassandra realizes that she is going to have to become a high-maintenance restaurant customer. Everyone eats their dry food, joylessly, as they toast to good health.

The second half of the show begins with Dolvett's return. He tells his team that he's been watching them the whole time. He compliments Kim as a leader, but notes his concern about the separation within the team. For example, Conda spent a whole lot of time complaining about Adrian. Dolvett has a list that he reads aloud. He tells Conda to stop caring about what's happening with Adrian, and focus on herself. No more drama! Dolvett then gives Adrian some one-on-one advice about how to fit in with his team. He says that Adrian will earn respect if he goes harder than anyone else, and not just with his mouth. Do the work, says Dolvett, and start listening to others. So, basically, in the Red Team versus Adrian debate, everybody is wrong!

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