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Season 13, Episode 7

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Previously: The Red Team lost a dunk-the-trainer challenge, and Dolvett paid the price! And, actually, so did the Red Team, as they were trainer-less for the entire week. Kim took a leadership role while Santa chilled out and thought about cookies. The Black Team prevailed at the weigh-in, and Adrian got a very drama-filled boot.

This week, the show is tackling the excuse, "I'll wait until after the holidays." That's not an excuse -- it's a plan! Shut up and stop judging me, Sami. We enter with the Black Team awaiting the results of the elimination. Everyone pretty much knows that Adrian is toast. When the Red Team returns, it is confirmed. There are lots of smirks and high fives, and Daphne lets out a heavy sigh. She points out that Adrian lost nine pounds this week, and so he wasn't sent home because he was a weak link. He went home because people don't like him. Daphne deems this high school shit. Conda starts yammering on about Adrian's low overall percentage, and Daphne rightly points out that it was only his second week here. These people should just own it and list all the supporting evidence for why Adrian was a giant pain in the ass. There is plenty! I mean, he still wasn't worse than Conda, but he could have chilled out a little. Conda and Daphne get into it, and it's rather like a Real Housewives altercation in that it's impossible to discern what the fuck either one of them is saying. Daphne tells us that if eyes could kill, there would be dead people in the house now. She knows that she has to watch her back, and also probably her front and sides.

With that, it is the dawn of a new day. Sami meets the contestants by their pool, and she's holding two heart-shaped Valentine's Day chocolate boxes. Don't anyone ever send me one of those, FYI. They are full of disguised nuts and will kill me! I know you're sad because you had the shipping label all printed out and everything. Sami, wearing a combination of red and pink, announces that Bob and Dolvett will each pick one person from their team to send home for a week. Buddy has a newborn at home, and really wants to be chosen for the home visit. But there is a twist, of course. The person who is sent home is the only person whose weight will count for the entire team this week. A lot of people would now very much NOT like to go home. But wait, there's more! Bob and Dolvett are going home with the going-home people. Their plane tickets are in the chocolate boxes. Better than death-filled nut clusters, I say!

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