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Season 13, Episode 7

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The Avenger

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Black Team tries to plan their exercise regimen without Bob. It's not going so well. The Red Team starts their warm-up in the gym, but Santa is not around. He explains to us that all this exercisin' is tough for an old man. He's showing his age. He finally makes it to the gym, and Mark asks where he's been. Santa says he'll try to make up for it. Not an answer to the question at hand! The Red Team gets to business. This is their second week without Dolvett, so they have a bit of an advantage over the Black Team in knowing how to make it work. The Black Team is, no lie, pathetic. The best they can do is half-assed jumping jacks. Buddy says that the Black Team's activities look the same as when Bob's there, but with about a third of the energy. We check in with Bob and Daphne at Planet Fitness in Chicago. She's running on the treadmill as Bob fills her head with images of Conda's role in sending Adrian home. He wants to get her fired up, and carry out a personal vendetta on behalf of her brother. She really, REALLY wants to avenge Adrian - not just to Conda, but the entire Red Team. She certainly seems motivated, and runs like crazy on the treadmill. Bob tells her to think that Conda is doing the exact same kind of crazy calorie-burning stuff.

We cut to Conda, who is running up and down a bunch of stairs outside, and then doing leg lifts by the river and whatnot. Dolvett wants to show her that she can get a great workout anywhere. And not all of the time will she have a crazy yet super-hot guy yelling at her in public. Oh boy, and then Chef Healthy Whatsherface is on hand to shill some Biggest Loser frozen meals. They a frozen dinner. And then we're back in Chicago with Bob and Daphne and her mom and three kids, all going out for a nice meal. Bob tells the family that Daphne has been opening up more, and her mom says that she seems more at ease with herself. We learn that Daphne has atrial fibrillation, which is a condition where your heart races and you feel like you can't breathe and are going to pass out. If Daphne falls asleep without her CPAP machine, she sometimes wakes up and feels like she's dying. That is scary shit. Daphne has been to the ER a whole mess of times since being diagnosed. Bob tells us that Daphne could go into cardiac arrest while sleeping. Daphne feels like a burden to everyone. She starts crying as she says that she wakes up every day wondering if it's her last. And now my brief respite of not thinking about Whitney Houston is over. Sigh. Bob tells Daphne that she's not going to die and she's not a burden. She's a beautiful, strong woman, and her kids are now seeing that she's trying to get help. That will entail mental as well as physical work, but Bob is convinced that it can happen.

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