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Season 13, Episode 7

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Back in Conda-ville, Dolvett sits Conda down for a one on one. He delivers encouraging letters from each of the Red Team members. What a nice idea! We see the Red Team folks reading their letters aloud. There is a lot of advising Conda to listen to Dolvett. Dolvett is trying to seduce her into being a team player. As a reward for all of her hard work, Dolvett has made reservations for Conda and her friends at a nice restaurant and -- wait for it -- he says that he'll babysit Brooklyn! Ahhhh! Dying!! Ahhhhhh! We cut to Conda out with her friends. They're all super dressed up. Whatever, who cares, let's go to babysitter Dolvett! We cut to the house, where Dolvett and Brooklyn are wearing little frying pan hats. She then stabs him in the head with a little spatula. And then he bench presses her! Hahahahahah. Oh, it is truly the best. I want Dolvett to babysit me. Is that hot or just weird?

And then it's challenge time, on the beach. Sami announces that the team that wins the challenge will get Valentine's letters from home. At LEAST it's not videos that we have to watch. That's always the worst. And...wait. This is a product placement for the Post Office, too? I don't know anymore, people. So, the challenge: each team has to dig under a series of three logs and get all team members and a dummy to the finish line. What? That's so random. The team that wins the challenge gets a one-pound advantage for the at-home team member. One Black Team member has to sit out, and it winds up being Emily. The challenge begins, and we learn that the dummy weighs 200 pounds. This is so weird, for real. I think the Biggest Loser challenge-makers are officially running out of ideas. The teams dig sand from under the logs, and Cassandra makes the first attempt to go under for the Black Team. Sadly, she gets stuck at her boobs. Poor Kimmy gets stuck for the Red Team. This looks distinctly unpleasant, and like you'd get a lot of sand in your mouth and other orifices. The Red Team takes a lead in getting folks under the first log, and heads to the second. Poor Jeremy gets stuck for the Black Team, and everyone wonders why they didn't elect to have him sit out. Eventually, the Black Team starts to catch up, and it's a digging and squeezing war at the third log. Despite the Black Team's effort, the Red Team is victorious. They get a one-pound advantage for Conda, and letters from home. Then the Red Team reads their letters on the beach, and people cry and speak about meaningful things. It's so dull!

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