Biggest Loser
Season 13, Episode 7

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The Avenger

We catch up with Roy today. He weighed 306 pounds when he first got to the ranch, and today weighs 230. Good for him! Roy assures us that he was in rough shape and life was a struggle. Now, he can chop wood and run in the fresh snow of the North Pole. It's not going to stop him. We see Roy meet with elementary school kids at the Boys and Girls Club, and leads them in a workout. He's got such skinny legs now! Roy tells us that Santa is a role model, and kids don't want to have a role model who is fat. Roy ACTUALLY Santa? Is this history in the making? I don't even know anymore. Just in case, leave carrot sticks on Christmas Eve. Roy wants to start an outdoor adventure camp for kids (and elves!) to help them stay healthy and active.

Next week: I will still probably be mourning Whitney Houston. And there's some big-time crazy drama at the ranch involving lies and gained pounds!

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