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Season 13, Episode 8

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With that, it's challenge time. The contestants arrive at what Emily describes as a "scary trucking shipyard." This is where we will learn exactly how Kimmy the deer-ial killer was born in blood. It is night, and Emily is expecting some sort of SVU crossover episode to begin. Sami is there, and says that each team has a giant puzzle. They'll have to work together as a team to move the puzzle pieces around to solve it. Each puzzle piece is 200 pounds. Chism notes that having only one guy on the Black Team puts them at a disadvantage, and then fucking LOSES ME FOR LIFE as he adds, "I mean, if we're talking about, you know, like, shopping or makeup, I mean we could totally win this. But other than that I think we're at a disadvantage." Shut up, kid, or I'll make you arm wrestle Kim. One person will have the chance to look at the bigger picture of the puzzle pieces, which you can only see from above. So the challenge will depend a lot on communication between that person and the piece movers. Every member of the winning team will get two weeks at the Biggest Loser Resort. The Black Team has two extra members who will have to sit out, and Daphne instantly volunteers without discussing it with her teammates. Chris also sits out.

The challenge begins! Mark is the viewer for the Red Team, and Chism is for the Black Team. Buddy tells us that Mark versus his son Chism is like Darth versus Luke. They bark orders, and Kimmy tells us that poor, young, inexperienced Chism is doomed trying to direct a "herd" of females. Chism admits that he has no idea what he's doing, which doesn't help things. The Red Team wins handily.

After a break, Bob sits with Cassandra as she reads him diary entries from 2008 about her low self-esteem. Bob asks Cassandra what she would say to that girl now. Cassandra tears up and stops a few times before saying that she is loving and kind and beautiful and needs to stop beating herself up. She doesn't want fear and self-doubt and negativity to rule her life. It's a very emotional moment, and Bob is happy to see her saying nice things about herself for once. Cassandra tells us that she was never ugly, but the way she viewed herself was. Meanwhile, Dolvett visits Kim, who is very sad at the prospect of missing her daughter's birthday. It turns out that Kim is not just a strong, tough, athlete, but a sensitive and vulnerable lady as well. Dolvett congratulates her for being multi-dimensional.

As hour two begins, Bob tries to figure out how to get people to like Daphne again. He says the situation can possibly be rectified if she tells the truth, but she tells him it's not going to happen. He points out that everyone knows anyway, and she comes across as a liar every time she denies it. She says that she looks stupid because she weakened the team, and in fact is surprised that Bob isn't mad at her. Fair point. Still, Bob believes that if Daphne takes ownership, they might rebuild those burned bridges. He doesn't like that Daphne is isolating herself, and says that by confessing she can take some control back. Bob escorts Daphne downstairs, and she confesses to the Black Team, to the surprise of no one. Emily compares it to confessing that Bob Harper is hot: obvious. Daphne gets a slight quiver in her voice as she says that she wants to move on, and doesn't want to talk about it anymore. She admits that it was a radical, emotional decision, and she's sorry that she weakened the Black Team. Everyone is silent for a moment, and Bob tells the Black Team to move forward and forget about the game stuff. Daphne says that she made her own bed, and is prepared for the consequences.

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