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Season 13, Episode 8

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Last chance workouts happen. Dolvett stresses with Kimmy the importance of being a caretaker for herself as well as others. She's down with that. Dolvett says that Kimmy is like a lot of people who watch The Biggest Loser -- dedicated to those around them. That is not true in my case AT ALL. Holla back at me, selfish bastards! As Dolvett says, sometimes the best way to take care of people you love is by taking care of yourself. That's why when I go shopping for a present for a friend or family member, I always end up buying myself something nicer and more expensive. It's the best for everybody! Following in my footsteps, Kimmy is dedicated to making herself a priority.

After a break, the contestants hike to Subway for breakfast. En route, they stop at a Subway for a snack. Yeah, I don't know. Ugh, and then we're still not at the weigh-in. Dolvett hangs out with Kim while she writes a letter to her daughter. He notes how upset she got, and asks what's behind that. It turns out that birthdays were hard for Kim growing up, because she was adopted and all she could think about was her real mom. That's why she makes birthdays so important for her kids. And of course Dolvett is adopted too, so he relates. He wants Kim to call her daughter and wish her a happy birthday. Can't we just get to the people bitching at each other, already? Anyway, Kim's daughter is doing fine. Dolvett tells her to get her head back in the game. Meanwhile, Daphne is feeling alienated from her team. I mean, no duh. She also has noticed a lot of bread-eating, and thinks that her team is trying to sabotage the weigh-in. Daphne is exercising as much as she can in hopes of being the biggest loser on her team. Chris admits to us that the Black Team has a plan, which could backfire for her in a major way if Daphne gets immunity. Oooh, I hope she does, just so we can watch everyone else freak out.

Finally it's weigh-in time. Jeremy is up first for the Red Team, and goes from 320 to 309 for a loss of 11 pounds. The switch ended up being kind of motivating, apparently! He's pleased. Kim is next, and goes from 200 to 193, for a loss of 7 pounds. Mark is next, and goes from 234 to 226, for a loss of 8 pounds. Kimmy goes from 184 to 179, for a loss of 5. Then there's Buddy, who goes from 329 to 317 for a loss of 12 pounds. The Red Team has lost 43 pounds, or 3.39%. Not bad! The Black Team will have to have lost more than 54 pounds.

Chris is on the scale first for the Black team. She goes from 201 to 196, for a loss of 5 pounds. She has long been stuck at 197 pounds, so is thrilled with this result. Megan weighs in next, and goes from 219 to 217 for a loss of 2 pounds. She smirks, and lies that this is not what she was expecting. She was ACTUALLY expecting a plus one. Sami asks if there's anything that might explain it, and Megan hems and haws. Daphne knows this is bullcrud. You kind of can't blame them, and yet I'm still rooting for Daphne. He goes from 298 to 293, for a loss of 5 pounds. Everyone looks weird, and Bob knows that something is up. Poor Chism is such a terrible liar, too. Daphne seems frustrated that no one will admit to sabotaging the weigh-in, which is like rain on your wedding day, or a free ride when you've already paid.

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